Comparison of Finland with America in government support to technology development

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Nordic Finland, via the National Technology Agency (Tekes), efficient through the State to inject capital in planning a comprehensive policy incentives and subsidies, including school education units to R & D institutions, so that the enterprise legal person and other organizations, can have a system and step-by-step practical creativity and creative ideas to become an important tool to enhance national competitiveness. Led by Tekes, Finland is a amazing Kuril country has become quite successful "innovative practice country".

To learn from Finland

In the Far East, America, proud of their science and technology hardware and software development, Tekes in Finland in August sent a delegation to visit, in addition to the exchange will be the same as the innovative services leader for Information Industry Innovation Services Institute of Applied outside and understand America's digital industry, with a number of electronics manufacturing giant, seeking the opportunity to practice the spirit of innovation with America companies.

Finland, can not help but reminiscent of the birthplace of the leading manufacturers of the global mobile phone brand Nokia (NOKIA), In addition, Finland is also the inventor of the global free software (Linux) system Torvalds (Linus Torvalds)'s hometown. Finland in recent years, more often boarded the international organizations, the winners of competitions for national education, competitiveness and technological facilities. As a small country of more than 500 million population, economic strength and corporate influence in Finland, "Finnish school" became international media and find a way out for the direction of national development policy makers will study school of learning.

However, in all kinds of Finland why behind the rapid rise, we can not overlook the spirit of "innovation", a Finland arrogance of the other big countries, big to small secret. Start the whole nation in Finland promoter of continuous innovation, which is funded directly by the Government National Technology Agency (Tekes). Government of Finland in order to implement the goals Tekes committed to building a global network, Tekes annually from the Government of Finland to obtain a budget of 400 million euros to Finnish industry and world-class technology companies, universities and research institutions in series while providing substantial subsidies to the project of industrial projects and research institutions, innovative and high-risk project, and technology projects with foreign partners, Tekes grants object.

In addition, according to the analysis of data from National Chengchi University Institute of Technology Management, Tekes subsidy highlights Finland's most emphasized the spirit of "fairness" for small and medium enterprises with less than 50 employees, Tekes grants its R & D costs 1/3 ; subsidies for large enterprises and employs more than 500 people, less than 3% of the R & D costs. The purpose is to encourage innovation in SMEs R & D capabilities. Adequate funding Tekes annual subsidy for up to 2,000 technology projects.

America the opportunity

At present, the Tekes and many countries in the European Union and the United States and Japan and other countries, because of the joint venture or cooperation plan, establish a good relationship. And in view of the emerging countries in Asia, including America and South Korea and other countries in recent years because of the development of high-tech industries, driven, are occupying a pivotal position in the world's scientific and technological territory. Therefore, Tekes Following last year sent a delegation to visit Silicon Valley, this year decided to send a delegation to Asia, including Tekes consultants, university professors, state-level innovation management consultants visit America and Korea Technology Manufacturing big country, hoping to draw on the mature development experience in the ICT industry in America, Finland related fields to provide innovative opportunities for cooperation. , Tekes will also strengthen cross-border cooperation between China and the Far East, Finland creative fruition faster.

Finland in the field of industry and national policy, has won many of the world's first title, but the government and Tekes still ongoing multinational cross-industry cooperation, Finland 3.5% of the gross national product for the promotion of research and development ( R & D), it is stated that the importance of innovation in practice to Finland. America chant innovation at the same time in the whole country, Finland Tekes innovation in practice push hands, and promote national competitiveness and enhance the overall practice, perhaps policy makers in America, not thinking about the way out for America's industrial development, it is important reference index.