Increasing effectiveness of internet ad over retractable banner stand

Written by Steven Charles on . Posted in Retractable Banner Stand

Print ads creative thinking "jump", you can accept the new mainstream online advertising creative thinking "do not jump"? Advertising, for the time being the previous training aside, try to imagine the users subconscious together Online assessment at different angles, users always can not put your finger on why previous intentions to do Internet Banner (banner ads) heart? Why clickthrough rate miserable? Retractable Banner Stand [] print ads Advertiser favorite classical creative stage, the task is to make advertising creative to stand out, the more jump as possible, doing their utmost to differ with the print media. The more prominent the more visual attention, "memory", and the text is the more subtle the easier "to be appreciated, to be touched."

Consumers own purchases, may not be the ultimate task. Addition "Edit-up ads, 99% of the advertising creative disdain plane draft form, it is difficult to enter the Cannes, OneShow creative. Palace they look up to, like a gas faster than advertising vocabulary. Do not rush to mourn not creative "Edit-up ads.

When faced with the Internet, it turned over! "Visual kei Ads Internet to eat turtle Advertise media retractable banner stand advertising strategy is a big difference. Of course you do not use newspaper advertising creative thinking to do outdoor advertising; Similarly, you do not apply the print media creative strategy, look at the Internet media creative strategy. This is true, tell you ad a fact that the more gorgeous vision of the more prominent Internet Banner on the network often had a "reaction" worse, CTR is difficult to see. The experienced Internet Advertising Planning producers to know. "Hide" the creative, like a chameleon Internet advertising, and hid him in the article, is a time-tested, the most effective form of online advertising is still the same, at least this year, but the Internet technology is changing rapidly, next year is hard to say.

Internet advertising effectiveness calculations, relative to other TV, flat-screen, outdoor advertising, cheap retractable banner stand, and other media, but also allows advertisers to spend money well aware of the advertising budget spent no effect. "Click through rate" is the magic spell of all network advertising production companies, advertisers help your online advertising in accordance with this standard grades. Product placement nirvana in the case of today's users of Internet advertising as early as numbness apathetic, but why advertisers get the click through rate "as the main evaluation criteria. The congenital deformity proposition, the Internet industry on the development of a "how to lie to the users to select the" wave of Internet advertising.
Observation Internet advertising a new "advertising" (for example: Crazy AD, signage, gold links, etc.), has just launched, Hit effectiveness is good, but in the end effect will Zoudie to, because the users are naturally inclined to see the website of the Content (content), interfere with reading ads will gradually numbness apathetic, of any decoy click advertising products, can only lie for a while, users will gradually form of advertising products immunization is not easy cheated again, forcing the hair team would like the form of advertising products, you must create an updated form of Internet advertising, once again challenge the immunity of users of Internet advertising.

How incarnation of the fate of any kind of Internet advertising for the information of life, as opposed to centuries immortal magazines, TV and other forms of advertising like retractable banner stand, Internet advertising pitifully short life cycle. Why do we not question the effectiveness of other media advertising? Only the longevity of Internet advertising is that you complete face-lift, the embodiment of life information (eg: imitate the form of news, small S pregnancy diary blog, etc.), or let users interact EVENT (network activity), which is present in the Bong Hit rate or a model of Internet advertising response rate environment, natural development for a way out.

Honestly, I really want to see someone to drum up support for Internet advertising should not look at the click through rate! "Internet advertising obviously have a great effect to reach speed and strengthen brand awareness ah!