Toys future development

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Scenario 1: class time, 8-year-old strong and the same group of students to study together today's "theme": a fuel cell power toy car. Teacher teacher students to understand the principle of the fuel cell energy in the progress of the study showed off on the computer of each group of students (of course, this is to worship sensors and wireless transmission to give the car body to do the job Hello!) explain in particular, the greatest benefit of disuse conventional batteries no longer have mercury leakage problem of waste disposal; fact, the most popular environmentally-friendly vehicles is by the fuel cell to provide power and energy; This battery only byproduct is water, so will not add to the air of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Scenario 2: In the past six months, yueqin emotions are very low; universities and research institutes child every day from morning to evening, earlier than in the past, the need for care when the mother no; work in a simple environment for many years, and the performance has been good, because to accept a promotion challenge is transferred to the Personnel complex new units, coupled with the heavy work pressure, and support her husband, because of busy travel frequently, the Yueqin serious emotional distress.

Months, she often cry at night to sleep during the day and even more depressed, feeling that life has no value, in support of Mr. and accompanied yueqin finally found the courage to see a psychiatrist, and was diagnosed with mild depression. Addition to advice yueqin temporarily leave your current work environment caused her emotional distress, the doctor also recommended the empty nest yueqin may wish to raise a pet, pets provide emotional comfort to relieve the emptiness. Further understand yueqin serious allergy problems, not suitable in the current apartment pet psychiatrists put forward the recommendations of the "machine pet therapy" (Robot Therapy); That take yueqin leave the hospital "medicine", turned out to be an interactive robot toy dog ??will be spoiled tell her.

Scenario 3: Meiji carefully arm with the 86-year-old father into the care of the home games room; once a university professor father, is now suffering from severe dementia, may not recognize the patient with his son. At this stage, the doctor told Meiji, the most important goal of treatment is to help his father maintain autonomy in their daily lives. From simple dressing, tie their shoes, and even to eat, go to the toilet, Meiji's father was like a new-born child, to learn from all the heavy head, and his father every day care home "game on" class, is by means of toys aids to assist, through the help of the doll shoelaces, fasten buttons, put on a belt, hat, father review, to maintain basic self-care ability of his life.

These scenes may and have started to occur today. Only the children will play in our traditional concept of "toys", suddenly had a broader definition and application: all ages from children's aids to medical aids in the successful combination of creativity, product design, educational function after the game fun elements, the real implementation of the spirit of "edutainment". Taipei University of Education Toys and Games Design Institute Professor bar Hakusan that toys is to integrate education or auxiliary functions and elements of the game design, and will be developed for the use of ethnic characteristics and requirements of both product design.

Indeed, the Massachusetts Department of "Toy Lab" (Toy Lab) in the first class of 2008 at the outset proposed: toy design is the product design; Today, the toy is a combination of scientific, aesthetic (art) as well as the psychology of the design industry.

Past 30 years, scientists in the field of brain cognitive research we learned that the human brain in a lifetime changing gene through interaction with the environment shaped the development of the brain, can help the to exercise brain "activities, have may in turn contribute to the sound development and maintenance of cognitive function. The human brain is different from the traditional cognitive scientists thought that the "cognitive" and "emotional", "Sports" functions each operate independently, without disturbing each other "modules", in fact, is a close link with each other " Symphony Orchestra. "

In other words, the loss of function of any part of the brain, whether it is emotional, physical activity, or language will lead to the overall function of the change. This is why one of the earliest symptoms of depression patients is memory loss, and has long been considered only an obligation of motor coordination function of the cerebellum damaged, may also have dementia phenomenon. Good toy enables the brain to a lot of "movement" is to cultivate the creative development of children, it may avoid you and me to the old dementia!

Bar Hakusan last year to guide students Chenya Qi master's thesis "healing electronic pet treatment of mild depression design" is a prime example. Pakistan Hakusan-based advocacy aids toys "concept, art design background Chenya Qi to design, sewing a blue whale baby, combined with sensor technology and basic robot principle, cute blue whale baby can interact with reality, thus achieving treatment goals boost the emotional power of the depressed patients.

Pet robot will help improve the condition

Europe and the United States on many medical studies have already confirmed that pet therapy can effectively help patients of all ages to improve the condition of psychological, physical, and social level, but limited to the living environment or personal health factors, the patient may not be able to breeding or pet care, robot pets the appearance of being able to solve this problem by Guinness World Records as the treatment of the best pet robot "Paro seals, but also the successful application of such toys.

Toys restore the correct definition of "physical objects" game features, it is not hard to understand why the world's most advanced industrial design lab, has long been added to the development of creative toys military career, such as America's most famous IDEO Product design company, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Japan Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) are among the leaders.

Coincidentally, the first in China toys and game design as the main body of the Institute, plays an important work in promoting Palestinian Professor Bai Shan, also is based on its many years of extensive product development capabilities with electromechanical principle of training, into the field of the design and development of toys .

Pakistan Hakusan pointed out, a good the toy development projects, really must be cross-departmental integration of different expertise and background talent: In addition to the toys core part of the electrical and mechanical installations, the traditional electromechanical engineering talent, a good man-machine interface design need more psychological Department or the Department of Sociology training background talent. Mainly supplemented with toys or aids function, even not lack talent participation of Clinical Medicine and educational background, and how best to showing toy products, artistic or aesthetic training background talent contribution is indispensable.

In addition, because of the importance of environmental issues, the future toys bound to combine environmentally friendly materials and green energy power; related materials and alternative energy, talent, will also play an important environmental toys spawned role.

When referring to the culture environment of the domestic toy design talent, bar Hakusan earnestness pointed out that the biggest regret is able or willing to "hands-on implementation," the number of students has been in decay, and the lack of good national research institutions with foreign cooperation of painting, but also makes the finally completed development projects, the students after graduation, he would face the dilemma of the lack of new blood, and outstanding students after graduation may also be limited by reality environment, have to convert the runway. In short, the Government should set up a national laboratory specializing in industrial design and manufacture of toys, and promote domestic talent similar research institutions with foreign exchange, in order to grasp the toy industry trends.