Comparison of Finland with America in government support to technology development

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Nordic Finland, via the National Technology Agency (Tekes), efficient through the State to inject capital in planning a comprehensive policy incentives and subsidies, including school education units to R & D institutions, so that the enterprise legal person and other organizations, can have a system and step-by-step practical creativity and creative ideas to become an important tool to enhance national competitiveness. Led by Tekes, Finland is a amazing Kuril country has become quite successful "innovative practice country".

To learn from Finland

In the Far East, America, proud of their science and technology hardware and software development, Tekes in Finland in August sent a delegation to visit, in addition to the exchange will be the same as the innovative services leader for Information Industry Innovation Services Institute of Applied outside and understand America's digital industry, with a number of electronics manufacturing giant, seeking the opportunity to practice the spirit of innovation with America companies.

How to use blog to leverage the promotional power of retractable banners

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Blogs in recent years, setting off a wave of discussion craze, because the blog is not only mass media use habits change in a short period of time, caused by the effects of more advertisers and corporate bodies are adjusting their marketing or retractable banner by One Group promotional mode with footsteps, face this emerging media. In the end, the blog unique charm? As marketing personnel, and how to take advantage of blog marketing message across effectively targeted populations?
Blogs appear to change the network's interactive mode and the message to produce mode network where everyone has the opportunity to express their message, or take the initiative to participate in the discussion, and also have the opportunity to instant fame, several well-known retractable banners graphic creators such as curved Giddens are fortune from the Internet.