Gold Rush with the demand

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This is a story of westward in the United States.

I heard the western United States gold was discovered, many people have dreams of fortune gold to go there, William is one of the Wild West, he came with digging up treasure team. Gold Rush is a beautiful dream, but also a good opportunity to make a fortune, so we are duty-bound to join them; west, however, the climate is dry, water scarcity, life is very difficult.

Exclusive business affordable than gold

William thought: gold is very attractive, but I hope too slim, not as realistic selling water here? William decided to give up the gold, spent a lot of effort to play well, and the well water through the filtering process, put them in the bottle contained gold to sell at, due to a radius of hundreds of miles can not draw water William water are popular with Argonaut welcome.

However, it was laughed at him, said his chest no ambition, had come here to the Gold Rush fortune, but now they stem from that obscure small business. This small business can not do anywhere, why come here? William do not mind, but to continue to sell his water. Selling water at the same time, he found that gold digger tool damage quickly, and they were very eager to gold, it is impossible to go hundreds of miles away to buy tools. So he made a special trip to a town hundreds of miles away tools to the back of a car.

In this way, every time he sell the water will be the way statistics who need tools, after sending over. Since no one else selling water and tools, so William is the only supplier, so the price is a little expensive, but good sales rolling in money flow into the pockets of William. Finally, the exact sources confirmed that the gold is just a rumor, in fact, there is no gold to be tapped. The results we all go home empty handed, nothing, only William in a very short period of time, relying on the inconspicuous small business earn a very substantial wealth.

In the west, the gold digger gold in the ground, only using hands and shovels and other tools to dig them up, but William gold in these gold digger who, water and tools to sell, it means dug he wants gold, this success can be described as the "discovery market, into the market, develop marketing realm of the market" to the fullest. Technology generations, to find the original mine to dig for gold has been impossible, but to get rich business opportunities everywhere, the key is if you can find it, and the western United States Argonaut, the first face of the subject is the same gold hidden in the end where?

Professional marketing and risk management

After the outbreak of the recent U.S. subprime mortgage event, we are overwhelmed by a flood of these messages, the news is the sudden emergence of teach refreshing, and that is New York Governor Spitzer (Eliot Spitzer) involved in prostitute scandal. Former Attorney-General of the Wall Street financial crime in the scandal, has stepped up raids, Su said "Mr. Clean" governor of New York turned out to be prostitutes and this is to teach people surprised, but carefully examine which makes prostitution ring patronized by Spitzer " Emperor Club "and found it on the marketing and risk management professional, was undoubtedly more stunning.

The emperor Club, established in December 2004, earned $ 1,000,000 (approximately 3033 million New America dollars) in the past three years to more than 50 special industry workers to pay $ 400,000. This club obviously the elite of society as the target customers, it will own the girls "three diamonds" to "seven diamond" classification. Price per person based on the individual's education, personality and ability to create atmosphere ", ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 31,000. The emperor club special industry workers are often engaged in global travel, their clients throughout Miami, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Vienna and Washington. According to a web page (now deleted) said: "The emperor Club is the first choice for outstanding international social services to world leaders to introduce people to the models that have been most impressed, are our specialty." Home for the first time guests make an appointment through the Internet. In addition, the club's Web site is still known as provision of investment services and operation of modern art.

Emperor club although the essence is the house specialty industry operators, but in terms of risk management, not sloppy, for example: the group told the guests to wire transfer the money to the emperor club, because it is paid on the record QAT consulting firm, see up like a commercial transaction. In addition, the company insisted on the need to advance payment. Spitzer to report on February 13, prior to the club's bank accounts only $ 400. Even Spitzer expensive for the governor of New York, "emperor" adhere to wait until the Spitzer paid for services provided. In contrast, Wall Street subprime mortgage industry, often just take a loan households arbitrary completed application form, to approve the hundreds of thousands of dollars of mortgage. This shows that the "emperor" more than the subprime mortgage industry awareness of risk management.

The emperor Club also understand the differences in pricing and discounts. Two special industry workers 4 hours of service, the cash price of $ 3,600, $ 4,140 you need to brush the American Express card, buy a computer and Guanghua Market. The emperor club also need to do a good job of human resources management, some workers are "working mothers" will slip in advance classes the children from school, it has also become the project management of a company.

The emperor club weaknesses of human nature, the money but conceal the weaknesses of human nature political and business elite set the tone for their gold, dig out the coveted enormous sums of wealth, this industry is indeed very immoral, but they can not be that is professional and accurate vision of the prospectors. Look on its website reads: "Emperor" of each customer, if the services provided to customers, so that they feel like the emperor,'d find gold?

"Every customer is emperor" to find the critical needs of the market, in order to Amoy gold.