Play to become smarter

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Who says kids school bags have toys? Future there will be more people in your briefcase, put toys, there are more elderly in the bag, outside the Irazu and easy sphygmomanometer, more than a few small toys. Moreover, these toys are high-tech toys.

According to the Topology Research Institute estimates the 2008 global output, technological toys will increase to $ 29.6 billion, including $ 8.4 billion of the electronic pet, the output value of more than $ 36.4 billion in output value of traditional toys will be the first time, there are continued in the future leading the trend (see table).

Technological toys not only has dominated the toy market, and its market also produced a qualitative change. In addition to stationery stores, toy stores, hypermarkets, 3C path, technological toys began to enter the nursing home, seniors aids design. Toy market is not only more and more technology, but also spread to all ages, to take care of the needs of various life stages.

How carbon reduction could save a generation

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Pursuit of economic development over the past century, the world's industrial powers are rushing to scramble for energy master limited natural resources, is equivalent to ensure that the inevitable economic output, and military and economic strength development. However, the name of economic development, the endless oil and firepower can not renewable and highly polluting energy consumption, caused by global warming, threatening the survival of animals and humans, so that all countries and peoples are caught in a lose-lose dilemma. America, the world-famous high-tech manufacturing industry, therefore spell out an economic miracle, but it must be said, the development of heavy metal manufacturing industry of America's rivers and waters surrounding natural environment caused by long-term pollution and damage, but also to the island of America All residents must pay a considerable price.

In the end, economic development must be at the expense of the natural environment? Whether the economic development of both the mission of protecting the environment? Enables businesses to take into account the pursuit of sustainable business opportunities, but it will not destroy the Earth's environment? Articles interview with the Director of Environmental Protection, Executive Yuan Stephen Shen, talked about the era of high global environmentalists, how to make America's industrial development to take into account the environmental, industry and environmental symbiosis, so that America's economic miracle, no longer burdened with the notoriety of the destruction of the environment, and truly sustainable growth and natural.

How electronics manufacturer save big money with power saving

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Domestic panel makers Chi Mei Optoelectronics continue to promote energy-saving, the green move EPD certainly, CMO B factory last year "Corporate Environmental Award" issued by the various groups of CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award, March 96, Chi Mei He Zhaoyang, general manager of the electronic voluntary greenhouse gas reduction agreement signed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, on behalf of the TTLA (America TFT-LCD Association) activities reflected behind a benchmark the competitiveness of enterprises.

The panel output this year due to the the CMO plays an important role of the global PV industry, over 70 million originally belonged to the severe pollution photoelectric industry to implement carbon reduction, green manufacturing process, indelible contribution to the natural environment .

Reduction in power saving from the inside out

94 CMO start from the inside, chilled water systems, clean room systems; to cut supply pressure on the air compressor system, switch to cooling water; exhaust system is the displacement reduction, regenerative thermal recovery incinerator; power consumption is not mandatory reduction of room air conditioning to the small air-conditioning system, the temperature is raised, control; lighting systems, electrical systems have reached by high-frequency electronic ballast, reduction, management and control features energy-saving effect.

Modernization does not necessarily mean environmental damage

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Beijing sky, often shrouded in a gray, this is not the fog decorating in the city ambience, but the result of long-term air pollution. Due to the rapid growth in recent years, China metropolis, in order to meet the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing surrounding active infrastructure and major construction is difficult to avoid the side effect is that: the whole city's air pollution is more serious. A few years ago, or even column called "city" most of the global air pollution, coupled with the the Beijing hot summer and cold winter, high temperatures approaching 39 degrees Celsius, the coldest dropping to minus 14 degrees Celsius;, temperature difference between day and night high, even up to ten degrees Celsius. For housing needs, Beijing is the cultural capital of Asia, but in terms of climatic conditions, it is clear that non-health preferred.

Constant temperature regimen residential Province Hydropower Good Health

In the end of 2007, the United States, "Business Week", "Time" magazine selected the world's top ten only residential building, is located in Beijing. This award-winning case called MoMA, the industry is advertised the thermostat health residential, and it is another important demands, is energy-saving. Its design, is the use of geothermal temperature effect, allowing the interior to maintain the status of 20 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees, summer does not need to turn on the air conditioner, do not have to open heaters in the winter, not only health, but also power-saving and energy-saving. Residence did not feel the air pollution in Beijing, with dry, hot or cold climate characteristics, as if living in another Beijing.

Green business opportunities is a matter of every citizen

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Energy conservation and environmental protection, not just love the earth and introspection, it can save huge costs, and even create higher wealth, Gou love with investment action already explained all this. Environmental technology trend of these investments, many companies left-handed save power and water, reducing manufacturing costs; right hand to the cost of savings, more yards investment in the science and technology of environmental protection and energy saving. CMO Plant B, EPA issued the Corporate Environmental Award winning one last year due to the long-term efforts to reduce the cost of hundreds of millions of $ professional energy in the device, the annual CMO, is good example.

The quickening pace of corporate environmental protection and energy saving

CMO B Factory is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection, the year of 210 million KWH of electricity, equivalent to the provincial electricity $ 416 million, also Yi Di 15.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Water-saving benefits are obvious, the annual provincial water volume of 32,551 CMD, produced annually by 270 million yuan economic benefits.