New world business environment

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In 1978, the CPC held the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee ", when the second generation of CPC leadership core of Deng Xiaoping advocated" reform and opening up and modernization ", also inspired many modern China's first generation of entrepreneurs tide. At that time, many of these entrepreneurs are peasant, however, encountered a lot of problems even native Chinese entrepreneurs in policy support, cleared the house, or ruin a lot of people, not to mention the foreign entrepreneurs. Than 30 years of reform, China's entrepreneurs, new look, what is it?

China has become the world's red-hot investment market, many Silicon Valley venture capital or angel investors have also to find new investment opportunities. In fact, the circumstances of each place are different, will feel special, in fact, because of the lack of understanding of China's national conditions.

Investment in China, we must better understand flattering. Dissatisfaction can be transformed into opportunities, grasp the particularity of Chinese and inconvenience from the development opportunities can be overwhelming win. I think that China's commercial, there are four features, which can be developed into business opportunities.

First, the policy is everything. China is a long-term development of socialism, after all, does not like the United States to let the market mechanism to reflect the business ecosystem, based on the strong role of the Government, the Chinese Communist Party's future will continue to be the mode of operation, such as macro-control, to dominate the economic development. Entrepreneurship and investment in China must be in accordance with the policy of homeopathy as, or find a legitimate way to get out of trouble, or vain.

Second, infrastructure is the key. Mobile phone users in China about 500 million people, but the penetration rate there is a lot of room to grow, infrastructure is one of the factors. China Telecom was originally state-owned enterprises into two companies, but in 2001, private; geographically to the Yangtze River as the boundary, the Company has maintained the name of "China Telecom" south of the Yangtze River, north of the Yangtze River "China Netcom ", two companies of the communication systems provided enough national use, the Yangtze River is not only geographical boundaries, across the Yangtze River will encounter communication problems.

In addition, shopping in China, whether it is in a department store or supermarket, often counter has four POS system, because these four banks each other barrier, the acquiring bank and the issuing bank are not integrated, so if you want to swipe, and sometimes you have to because the counter staff to confirm that you want to brush which machine delayed checkout time is not convenient, this is a "reunification", trouble.

Plate where the service is to go. Even in different branches of the same bank, but also does not mean that the same bank; such as open an account at the Bank of China in Beijing, Shanghai Branch remittance, but also pay interbank transfer! How, obviously not the same as a bank? The banks do not think so! A member of the Shanghai branch of the line will tell you that here, "Me", and "his line," still have to pay the bank remittance!

Not only in the bank, China's insurance industry service mechanism is the same. The insurance policies purchased in Beijing, when the conditions encountered in Shanghai, you want to please the local branch of an insurance company to assist in handling, the other is likely to answer: you go back to find customer service staff. Then you have to tell yourself that the original insurance services from region to region!

This is like driving in China, the the toll charging mechanism also reflects passers inconvenience. I once drove from Beijing to Tianjin to Shandong Province, the results paid four tolls; because I need to leave the Beijing area in Hebei Province, to pay a toll, from Hebei province to Tianjin, again pay a toll to pay tolls from Tianjin and Hebei Province to Shandong Province, Hebei Province have to pay. In fact, you can consider the money received only once, and then look at the provincial and city in the trading mechanism how the vendors, but the current system rather first take your money say. This experience mentioned in my last column to see the doctor also mentioned: illness has been very painful to the hospital each service station had to be re-queued, the kind of torment is unbearable.

Fourth, intellectual property is not adequately respect, but may start to pick up. China's achievements in this respect the intellectual property (Intelligent Property, IP) is notorious in the world, including the capital Silk Street, filled with international brands of counterfeit goods, but with the Beijing Olympics approaching, but did not alleys in China see the Beijing Olympic mascots five "Fuwa" counterfeit goods, the price of a large Fuwa is about more than 2,000 renminbi, I guess, but the cost of tens of dollars, so some of the counterfeiting industry, it should be a lot of commercial temptations, but I Fuwa counterfeit goods but not in China alleys visible Chinese official caught much more strict, the hawkers only dare hard to make LV fakes, do not dare cross Fuwa defy the law.

Whole, although the Chinese do not see respect for IP and practices, but from the experience of Fuwa can smell the hint of change in the atmosphere, that is: the Chinese brands and products created by themselves are beginning to realize how precious , this can be an awakening of the protection of intellectual property, if the trust and respect of the business in China gradually fermentation, it will be China's development of the new face of opportunity.