Play to become smarter

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Who says kids school bags have toys? Future there will be more people in your briefcase, put toys, there are more elderly in the bag, outside the Irazu and easy sphygmomanometer, more than a few small toys. Moreover, these toys are high-tech toys.

According to the Topology Research Institute estimates the 2008 global output, technological toys will increase to $ 29.6 billion, including $ 8.4 billion of the electronic pet, the output value of more than $ 36.4 billion in output value of traditional toys will be the first time, there are continued in the future leading the trend (see table).

Technological toys not only has dominated the toy market, and its market also produced a qualitative change. In addition to stationery stores, toy stores, hypermarkets, 3C path, technological toys began to enter the nursing home, seniors aids design. Toy market is not only more and more technology, but also spread to all ages, to take care of the needs of various life stages.

High-tech + interactive features + Artificial Intelligence

The definition of so-called "technological toys, not even if the number of low-level IC chip device toys are usually toy products with high-tech device with interactive capabilities, or import artificial Jane Shu Chao pointed out that," the Republic of China Toy Association Director-General wisdom, in the form of a robot or electronic pets more sophisticated interaction. Broadly speaking, the technological toys do not necessarily embedded chip to drive, as long as it is in the material, the use of new green paint to do the upgrade of toys, also referred to technological toys.

Topology Research Institute researcher Heyao Ting pointed out that this year's CES (the world's largest consumer electronics show), for example, the CES continuation of the entertainment wave of technological toys on display a variety of products, including Takara Tomy iSobot, WowWee Alive Lion Microsoft Robotics Studio. Heyao Ting pointed out that these technological toys not only the patterns of life, diverse reactions and basic human interaction, fun entertainment and leisure functions due to the rise of electronic pet, led to the growth momentum of technological toys. She stressed that science and technology combined with the rapid development of the pet toys, the layout of the Americaese manufacturers, from traditional toys spare parts, into the high-end toys IC chip.

Heyao Ting pointed out that the electronic pet to give a new direction of development technological toys: toys both simple technology, and gradually developed from simple low-priced products, mainly to provide fun and entertainment in the past to the current should interact with other pet products, the future will be artificial intelligence into another exhibition spindle, to be closer to the characteristics of real pets.

Toy Design Product Design

Massachusetts Department of "Toy Lab" (Toy Lab) in the first class of 2008 at the outset proposed: toy design is the product design; Today, the toy is a combination of scientific, aesthetic (art), as well as psychological An important design industries.

The rapid growth of technological toys, in fact, from the needs of the market, increased the proportion of adult toys (including retirees). Group of the postwar baby boom, is no stranger to science and technology, the acceptance of technological toys than their parents. Various toy manufacturers and technology manufacturers, of course, well versed in this opportunity, in view of Japan and other countries increased the degree of aging, to troubleshoot this stage physiological needs (to prevent aging dementia, mild depression) and psychological needs (happier, distraction rehabilitation of boring, accompanied by feelings), sights piece of seniors market.

The annual Japan Tokyo Toy Show, called the Asian toy innovative design indicators show this year, many of the aspirations of Technology for Seniors toys. Shu-chao said the Tokyo Toy Fair exhibitors will showcase innovative toys for some senior citizens, and her statistics this year's exhibitors, almost every vendor has designed for seniors to do, completely mastered the Japanese "super-aged society" to come.

"My father just dementia that period of time, I often put some toys which are on tap his ear, he heard great reaction, has been clutching would not let the toy and game design of" Taipei University of Education Professor, Institute of memories, Pakistan Hakusan, the toy is not only very important for children, old people's physical and mental stimulation and comfort, but also an indispensable and development space.

"The old man is one of the key markets for the development of technological toys." Jane Shu Chao pointed out that the Japanese toy manufacturers such as Namco, Bandai, TakaraTomy, Sega, Natendo lead the design and development of the toy market in Asia, and some toys and even cooperation with professional bodies, break into homes for the elderly, nursing homes do combine with the design of the slow pace of the elderly habits, and many technological toys are not just consider "accompany", but also the demand for a "partner" into them. After all, in a family need long-term care for the elderly, long-term companionship family are more tired physically and mentally, the Toys Manufacturers designed to be interactive mechanism to play these games, it is easy to break into the home.

In addition to the elderly, women and many Japanese toy manufacturers concerned about a group of consumers. Japanese toy maker Bandai, for example, in September to be launched for the 20-30 year-old female "high-tech piggy bank: Bank of guy. This technological toys offers a choice of five handsome, as long as the user put into a copper plate, can be done on the LCD, and handsome sweet dialogue. The "guy" would say "can hug you?", "You're sweet" love words. If the user time to save money, once they reach the target of 50,000 yen, it will appear on the screen of the "high-tech piggy bank" "happy ending"; if the user is too lazy to save money, a few days off, the guy will leave a "break up letter" to leave.

"In the future, the development of technological toys, will rely more on the power of the adult." Pakistan Hakusan pointed out that children in this market, technological toys to play more entertaining, many aids have been through the type of technological toys to educate the children, but for preschool children, although it is the most common group of people playing with toys, but due to the high replacement rate of the ages of toys, but not the source of the kinetic energy of the technological toys.

No matter which age, technological toys will play a more important role for manufacturers, this is not a competition game technology, but one who is more about the human stage. Master these critical needs of the population, the development of innovative toy design, will be to face the issue of domestic manufacturers.