How carbon reduction could save a generation

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Pursuit of economic development over the past century, the world's industrial powers are rushing to scramble for energy master limited natural resources, is equivalent to ensure that the inevitable economic output, and military and economic strength development. However, the name of economic development, the endless oil and firepower can not renewable and highly polluting energy consumption, caused by global warming, threatening the survival of animals and humans, so that all countries and peoples are caught in a lose-lose dilemma. America, the world-famous high-tech manufacturing industry, therefore spell out an economic miracle, but it must be said, the development of heavy metal manufacturing industry of America's rivers and waters surrounding natural environment caused by long-term pollution and damage, but also to the island of America All residents must pay a considerable price.

In the end, economic development must be at the expense of the natural environment? Whether the economic development of both the mission of protecting the environment? Enables businesses to take into account the pursuit of sustainable business opportunities, but it will not destroy the Earth's environment? Articles interview with the Director of Environmental Protection, Executive Yuan Stephen Shen, talked about the era of high global environmentalists, how to make America's industrial development to take into account the environmental, industry and environmental symbiosis, so that America's economic miracle, no longer burdened with the notoriety of the destruction of the environment, and truly sustainable growth and natural.

Science and technology, to help us out of the growth can also hold the landscape

Q: Can economic development and environmental protection issues symbiosis, many countries are facing a common problem. Requests the Administrator to talk about America in the pursuit of economic development, and how both environmental protection and environmental sustainable development?

A: In the past, is generally believed that the development of economic and environmental conflicts with each other, because economic development must be resources to do the most efficient use, but in terms of environmental protection is emphasized that the purpose of social welfare. However, social development, but must focus on the economy "," green "and" social "Three Faces simultaneous development can not be over-neglected, or social development will be an imbalance.

Now we see many advanced countries, such as London, Tokyo, Japan and other big cities, considerable importance for environmental issues, it is because they develop very quickly, even earlier than we tasted the bitter pill of environmental damage! So they only to find that: the development of environmental protection is an important guarantee for sustainable economic development. However, the balanced development is a competitive problem, you look at those in developing countries, they are at the edge of survival to rapid growth, environmental damage is tragic!

America in recent years begun to move towards sustainable business management. The proper use of technology can balance environmental protection and economic development of the two conflict-oriented. Material and energy recycling through the development of science and technology, research and development, industrial activities to minimize the extent of the damage to the natural environment. In order to improve the level of commitment to environmental protection, the EPA by promoting "Green Mark", allow enterprises to through this mark application, review, issuance and use of the process, independent of the upgrade process and reduce pollutant emissions, and by way of the green procurement of consumers supervision, to provide incentives to enterprises to take the initiative to use the tools of science and technology, green consumption and green industry to fully implement in all aspects of the industry.

Environmental protection will be a booming industry

Q: Environmental Protection Agency to promote green industry and green consumption of the effectiveness of? Possible future economic value created by the environmental protection industry? In addition, the Government made an assessment of the feasibility of green tax?

A: Environmental Protection Agency, through the promotion of the Green Mark, continued in the private sector to promote the green industry and green consumption. Until the end of July this year, America has developed more than 100 Green Mark product specifications, and # 3 in the world. Allowed to use the Green Mark products amounted to more than 4,000 pieces, the use of Green Mark over 5 billion, and has created the economic value of up to 85 billion yuan.

In addition, has driven up to 6 years of "green procurement to promote the program, specify the amount of green procurement for government schools and other organs have been rising, and last year more than 67 billion America dollars. In addition, last year the implementation of green procurement by private enterprises total amount over 600 million New America dollars, setting a new record high. Indicate that the environmental protection industry considerable potential business opportunities, as well as its economic value continues to rise.

Reduction and action for environmental protection of the most lethal killer "carbon dioxide" gas, the largest source of emissions of carbon dioxide, it is the main industrial sectors. The EPA is also prepared for this draft Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act "Legislative Yuan for review. In addition, the Ministry of Finance also develop "energy tax" levied hope that through this green tax policy, promote the rationalization of energy prices and encourage energy conservation.

Q: At present, many countries will promote the recycling industry as an important symbol of national strength development, America to promote the environmental policy of the effectiveness of these measures? Technology and technical development of related industries?

A: environmental protection work without delay, the Environmental Protection Agency to encourage private initiative to promote environmental protection measures, through the promotion of "Environmental Science and Technology Incubation Program", "Environmental Science and Technology Park", "increase the announcement must recycle waste", "green National Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Scheme" four programs can not only deepen the environmental talent through technology allows a faster implementation of environmental technologies in various industries.

Four green park, creating new economic hinterland

"Environmental Science and Technology Incubation Program", the EPA has between 92 to 97 years, grants of nearly $ 100 million of Environmental Science and Technology Incubation Center, and all the Incubation Center and manufacturers have also been proposed more than one hundred dollars paintings, these new technologies in the future will be transformed into a commercial operation in environmental technology, and Adds new recruits for the environmental protection industry.

In addition, in terms of "Environmental Science and Technology Park, the EPA has also since 1990 set in Hualien County, Kaohsiung County, Taoyuan County and Tainan County 4 Environmental Science and Technology Park. There are already more than 60 manufacturers approved settled in these parks, stationed in the park's main industry for the of advanced resource recycling industry, environmental protection industry, and eco-industrial three major industries. Is expected that the four environmental science and technology park will attract private investment amounted to 135 billion yuan, annual output value is expected to reach 155 billion yuan, and the creation of nearly 3 million tonnes / year cycle Recyclable. In addition, through the increase announcement must recycle waste ", so that America recycling plastic containers, you can create 35 billion value of renewable raw materials. Through a number of environmental policy, so that America is not only energy consumption big country, the country will become a resource recovery to create renewable energy.

In assisting the development of green technology, "Green Nano National Science and Technology Plan" promoted by the National Science Council, plans to the emerging nanotechnology with the traditional chemical industry, environmental engineering technology combination is expected to solve the environment is hard to break issues, including the level of detection, monitoring technology and Remediation and clean production technology. In the development of forward-looking Chennai secret technology can help solve environmental problems, so serve several programs, why not do it?

The pursuit of profit, Formosa turned "green business"

Q: May I ask what benchmark companies have been remarkable achievements in environmental protection work? Examples of green procurement and promoting green technology oriented.

A: Last year, America's private enterprises to participate in the green procurement part the TSMC Yunlin Fuccio, industrial, Hsinchu, America Glass Factory, remote telecommunications, Hewlett-Packard country Pu plant and UMC company, about 30 million of the purchase amount to range between $ 80 million.

This year, the Formosa Plastics Group to more quickly achieve the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction, in particular, the setting up of an ad hoc group, and from January to May, the Formosa Plastics Group between the amount of green procurement, as high as 800 million yuan. In addition, the Formosa Plastics Group to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated in the course of delivery of raw materials, but also will change the delivery of the material suppliers, delivery through centralized shipping way. Green production, Formosa Plastics has 6 Green Mark is currently the most actively involved in green production.

In addition, also have a lot of enterprise-class school co-investment in the new generation of environmentally friendly industrial technologies bred and gave birth, including the Far East University of Science and Technology and the European technology of environmental protection, spent plating plastic solution plating and waste Disc pick-up process development, the number of tablets currently annually can deal with the has reached 80 million. In addition, Far East University of Science and Technology cooperation and Huarong wire and cable production of low smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable materials, production reached 20,005 thousand tons.

Through the industry's voluntary organizations, 12 home appliance manufacturer to jointly invest with the German ADELMANN technical cooperation, the establishment of "green electricity regeneration company" since the processing of waste home appliances has reached 300 million units. In addition, fluorescent manufacturers China Electric and Sweden MRT waste fluorescent processing system to successfully waste fluorescent renewable green lamp, and Green Mark.

Q: enterprises to the pursuit of growth, environmental resources can not be sacrificed, talk about specific policies of the Environmental Protection Department to enhance the quality of the environment?

A: Environmental work is endless, and now everyone's environmental consciousness, various government departments are also actively promoting environmental protection programs, and their active involvement of the private sector but also to the Environmental Protection Agency last for resistance encountered in the promotion of environmental policy small. However, to the whole community with environmental standards, or can be reached through the active supervision of the whole people. This is every citizen must be put into the task, so I push the junk off the ground in the term of office of Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau, the new garbage collection and removal of a small advertising policies, can be reached via a fully promote and implement the concept . Served as the Director of Environmental Protection, I also plan to step-by-step in the past in Taipei implementation of environmental policies, copy implementing the country. I also plan two incarnations vanguard of environmental protection robot "Kober Wu" wipe "odd", extended to America, as an investigation violation and maintenance of the spokesmen of the community environment.

In addition, the EPA is also intended to "reduce carbon emissions 10 no regrets measures" to provide national personal, offices and schools, the business community, businesses or village communities themselves to decide and choose the the practice project's carbon reduction action. Environmental protection is no longer a slogan, but everyone every day practice of the New Life Movement.

The environmental success requires social mobilization

DEP Stephen Shen in the term of office of the Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau, that is because the effective mobilization of civil implementation a number of environmental policies, including the junk off the ground, the new garbage collection and removal of small ads and other policies, not only significantly improve the capacity of Taipei, but also reduce the resources waste. Stephen Shen With the new government after Ma Ying-jeou and Vincent Siew White, in addition to the wide range of environmental policies extend the term of office of the environmental protection bureau, there are step-by-step plan to push these policies.

Stephen Shen says that the key is to make good use of "technology", "law", "economic" and "social" tools to change through a step-environmental behavior change.

On the technical side, Stephen Shen said that the term of office in Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau to promote the policy to clear the small ads on the full application of the "technical" tools for the road small ads Luantie in, take will contact the phone off, then the effects of extremely good.

"Law" public display of power tools, through fines or legal means, but also can effectively deter illegal pollution behavior. As for the new garbage levied, the application of the "economy" as a tool to improve performance, so that the general public will think about taking out the trash when the "cost", thus reducing the amount of waste.

Finally, when these policies are complete, the rest of the most important "social marketing" section, in order to truly implement environmental performance. Stephen Shen said that this time, in addition to the first requirements include long neighborhood and local or heads of government with the mobilization, must also be thinking about how to help the general public better implement government policy through slogans and publicity.

For example, Stephen Shen design hair came up with two green robot environmental protection bureau term of office in Taipei - "Kober Wu" and "wipe odd is impressive environmental spokesperson.

Stephen Shen explains with a smile, last year the Autobot leader Cobo text in the Hollywood film Transformers, the plot turned from the sports car people hooked, so he decided to let the shuttle the Taipei streets of yellow garbage truck can be turned, and the name "the Kober Wu" (meaning the Cobo brother), advocacy to encourage people to co-investigation of the violation of the program; the "wipe odd" is well-known Japanese anime characters, but also by the shape of their housekeeper, advocacy mobilize the community residents to promote 5S exercise, practice with environmental protection and energy saving life.

Now the new government from top to bottom to move to do environmental protection, environmental protection is not just a policy, but the policy should be environmental performance, said Stephen Shen, green industry, from the Department of Energy, Executive Yuan to the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has environmentally friendly spirit in which, therefore let the EPA can be more focused on the promotion of the new proposed "carbon reduction 10 no regrets" measures, hoping to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in America, so America's environmental performance indicators in the global ranking from the current 40, to return to the level of several 20.