How electronics manufacturer save big money with power saving

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Domestic panel makers Chi Mei Optoelectronics continue to promote energy-saving, the green move EPD certainly, CMO B factory last year "Corporate Environmental Award" issued by the various groups of CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award, March 96, Chi Mei He Zhaoyang, general manager of the electronic voluntary greenhouse gas reduction agreement signed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, on behalf of the TTLA (America TFT-LCD Association) activities reflected behind a benchmark the competitiveness of enterprises.

The panel output this year due to the the CMO plays an important role of the global PV industry, over 70 million originally belonged to the severe pollution photoelectric industry to implement carbon reduction, green manufacturing process, indelible contribution to the natural environment .

Reduction in power saving from the inside out

94 CMO start from the inside, chilled water systems, clean room systems; to cut supply pressure on the air compressor system, switch to cooling water; exhaust system is the displacement reduction, regenerative thermal recovery incinerator; power consumption is not mandatory reduction of room air conditioning to the small air-conditioning system, the temperature is raised, control; lighting systems, electrical systems have reached by high-frequency electronic ballast, reduction, management and control features energy-saving effect.

95 years that show the immediate effect, per unit panel tapeout area of ??power consumption from 213.26KW/M2 reduced to 191.82 kW/m2, a full 11.18%, meaning that a 10% cost reduction and profit increase 1 into the space.

210 million KWH of electricity throughout the year seems to reduce translated into save electricity charges 4.16 billion / year, as well as Yi Di 153,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

It is worth mentioning, CMO use of more energy-saving effect of the heat recovery chiller, the principle is the choice of heat recovery chiller, should be brought to the cooling tower blowdown heat recycling, supplied to the MAU (MAU) preheat or reheat coil, and pure water regeneration, saving the energy consumption of hot water boiler. Can reduce the electricity consumption of 32.07 million KWH per year, converted into electricity to 5,453 million, to Yi Di CO2 emissions by 21,492 metric tons.

Save water and also did not miss even a drop of rain

Water in the province, the CMO adopt four measures, process mining high TOC recovery system, the low TOC recovery system; pure water system uses ROR wastewater recycling resin column regeneration time; ROR wastewater recycling, ACF wastewater recycling Reclain system; rainwater recycling, the MAU condensate water recovery, for example, on the top floor devices the 240 million FAB3 rainwater recycling system, the catchment area of ??74,544 square meters, the maximum water save 400CMH.

After the implementation of the provincial water efficiency is very obvious, immediately save the use of tap water 32,551 CMD, produced annually by 270 million yuan economic benefits, unit investment chip area to reduce water consumption by 1498.3L/M2 1404.2 L/M2, a decrease of 6.7%.

As for wastewater discharge control, tightly grasp the acid-base neutralization systems, biological treatment systems and sludge treatment systems, wastewater SS, COD, BOD average emission concentration of less than 30% of the control standards to deal with water quality is very good.

Then, the CMO toward resource recovery recycling direction, follow the "5R" concept of this project the 5R is reduce: reduce the amount of waste (such as process raw materials such as photoresist, chemical use reduction). Reuse: reuse (such as lint-free cloth to clean and reuse). : Maintenance 'maintenance and prolong life (such as process improvement, UV lamp prolong life). Refuse: green procurement (building materials, furnace stone or containing waste glass brick sidewalks). Recycle: recycling (waste recycling case, the re-use of waste glass), a diversified approach, through cooperation with the procurement, waterworks and other related departments, establish and improve the waste disposal system.

Energy contribution has continued reinvestment

Found when the results of 95 years of acceptance, waste output decreased by 14.5%, and treatment resources (recycling) the proportion increased dramatically, from 58% in 93 years all the way up to 86% in 1995, growth of more than 4 percent.

CMO actively studying waste disposal, reduce the final disposal apply to waste LCD glass pilot scheme in 93 cases recycling waste liquid crystal glass instead of red brick in the gravel, first for the domestic photovoltaic industry.

Equipment specializing in energy saving, long-term efforts every year CMO B factory to reduce the cost of nearly $ 700 million. Since 96 years, will be extended to energy-saving concept and scope of the general area, such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, etc., in order to be done CMO each unit of electricity, every drop of water can maximize the benefits.

Accumulated from 96 June to 96 November, just six months period, the CMO energy-saving lighting, a total removal of more than 8,000 lamps, lighting electricity a year savings of about 800 million; refrigeration air-conditioning system to save electricity bill is about 2,000 a year million; together with other energy-saving projects, Total energy performance about a year up to $ 31 million. In addition to the amount of savings, reduce energy use, equivalent to CO2 emissions decreased by approximately 9,700 metric tons a year, this benefit as the Earth more than 80 million trees planted.

Have a good save on internal costs, CMO energy conservation a concept extension products manufactured moving towards Energy Conservation Code.

Ultra-thin computer monitors, starting from 2002/9A150X1 series that "LCD Green Mark products, all the way to today's products, all in line with the Green Mark model, in addition to European products to comply with RoHS requirements, manufacturers will face fines been sentenced to imprisonment, or to prohibit the import, Chi Mei also take the lead in green production process, fully in line with European norms, to maintain their competitiveness.

Years of energy-saving measures to implement down, The CMO save large sums of money, but also the money to invest in energy-efficient lighting industry.

On June 19 this year, the CMO announced through the subsidiary Yuanqi investment company to approximately NT $ 250 million and NT $ 600 million, respectively, for each 3.4% of China's Electric Company, and its subsidiaries in East Asia photoelectric 40% equity interest. This CMO in recent years, following the investment of the GIO Optoelectronics and Chi Mei Lighting Technology, in the light industry, especially in the field of green lighting a new investment.

The investment green lighting resource integration

He Zhaoyang based panel industry demand for backlight module, CMO for the layout of various light sources and supply, spare no effort. Reinvestment GIO Optoelectronics and Chi Mei Lighting Technology in the cold cathode fluorescent lamp and LED R & D, production and sales, in addition to the stable supply to the CMO, in particular in market competitiveness. China Electric lighting industry leader in America, CMO hope that by working with the Chinese electrical appliances, in the future, the new generation of green lighting market early layout. In addition, the CMO in the production line each year how 3% of the LED die can be put into the production of green lighting easily play the effect of vertical integration of resources.

CMO energy-saving concept has been a paradigm shift from the throttle open source, save money to invest in green lighting, and laid the foundations for the CMO in the next 10 years, a popular industry believe this can be seen from the investment in the issue of green lighting caused by other technology giants follow-up.

Internal culture of environmental wind blowing

A policy to be able to sustainable development in order to maintain the profitability of the enterprise, deeply rooted in the concept is the long-term solution, CMO well aware of this point, ongoing implementation and education advocacy activities to the concept of environmental protection, new staff training that is environmental education; also included in the staff appraisal, the example industrial safety Yuekao the. There is set a the ESH day, as well as all kinds of sizes ranging from education and training, advocacy.

Compared to the heavy pollution of the Industrial Revolution early, contemporary human happiness, enterprises have the ability to reach a win-win "economic development" and "ecological protection", and actively participate in regional cooperation in environmental protection, together with the upstream and downstream firms and the general public to maintain a clean home and let clean earth to sustainable development, is the best representative of the CMO.