Modernization does not necessarily mean environmental damage

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Beijing sky, often shrouded in a gray, this is not the fog decorating in the city ambience, but the result of long-term air pollution. Due to the rapid growth in recent years, China metropolis, in order to meet the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing surrounding active infrastructure and major construction is difficult to avoid the side effect is that: the whole city's air pollution is more serious. A few years ago, or even column called "city" most of the global air pollution, coupled with the the Beijing hot summer and cold winter, high temperatures approaching 39 degrees Celsius, the coldest dropping to minus 14 degrees Celsius;, temperature difference between day and night high, even up to ten degrees Celsius. For housing needs, Beijing is the cultural capital of Asia, but in terms of climatic conditions, it is clear that non-health preferred.

Constant temperature regimen residential Province Hydropower Good Health

In the end of 2007, the United States, "Business Week", "Time" magazine selected the world's top ten only residential building, is located in Beijing. This award-winning case called MoMA, the industry is advertised the thermostat health residential, and it is another important demands, is energy-saving. Its design, is the use of geothermal temperature effect, allowing the interior to maintain the status of 20 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees, summer does not need to turn on the air conditioner, do not have to open heaters in the winter, not only health, but also power-saving and energy-saving. Residence did not feel the air pollution in Beijing, with dry, hot or cold climate characteristics, as if living in another Beijing.

In fact, the birth of the design of the MOMA of Guilin consignment team from Taiwan; chairman of Guilin, Changyu hard for many years, was established in Beijing philosophical real estate, Shenghui Jia served as general manager of the Beijing philosophical real estate brokerage firm, and Beijing Contemporary Group co-operation, and has recruited Swiss modernist master Dietmar Eberle, and international architectural design guru Steven Holl design.

A few years ago, Changyu can visit Innsbruck, Austria (Innsbruck), Dietmar Eberle energy saving house in this town very carefully, design concepts can be introduced into Asia. Innsbruck is located in the northern foot of the Alps, a city located in the west of Austria, because of the picturesque, and hosted the Winter Olympics and famous. The town is located in the Glacier Valley residents for many years living in cold climates, Dietmar Eberle building in Innsbruck, but for local low-income social welfare residential construction, these residents living design of low-power technology , the required energy savings of 70% compared to the European general residential.

"Three years ago, the Beijing Culture largest city there are a lot of land undeveloped, plasticity great; plus the original in order to meet the arrival of the Olympic Games, many of the major construction have started the implementation of many developers hope that the" signs "that" the biggest names "I hope to make different residential design." Changyu can say, he put this idea to share with optimism team after cooperation with the Chinese Contemporary Group, please go to Dietmar Eberle surgeon MOMA a design. Later, two, three is also a continuation of the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, and invited the American architect Steven Holl at the helm design.

"I suggest that the U.S. real estate developers to come to China, witnessed a sustainable energy system in Beijing is how to achieve." Steven Holl.

Changyu can be observed, launched the beginning of the MOMA, the Beijing real estate market is not yet mature, so many are not actively developed area is full of room for imagination, as long as we can launch large enough and strong enough, or has a unique design work, housing appreciation The space is very high.

In fact, for the design of the construction cost of health and energy than the average building only a few, but the the push case of profits several times; households is also a big winner, however, had per ping is equivalent to the price of NT $ 20 tens of thousands of Changyu energy sources, , "per ping has soared to the equivalent of 60 tens of thousands of NT dollars." Changyu added to the price level, MOMA can be said that out of the mansion.

What, after all, live in the MOMA mansion of environmental protection and energy saving, what the life experience? Following the MOMA two households, is also in development futurist Li Zhen Zhang, angel investors, through his living experience to lead you to experience the energy saving and the health of the character of the house.

Cool cave MOMA separate design concepts from four thousand years before the invention ......

MOMA alternative "Separate cave."

Since I began in 2006 based in Beijing, expand personal career in the global investment plan for long-term investment potential of the enterprise, it is actively looking for a suitable place Nagai, as my family and a second home. Beijing MOMA, we settled down in Beijing.

MOMA publicity and reports, mostly to emphasize the concept of constant temperature (24 to 25 degrees) and humidity (40 to 60%), health, energy saving, residential design indeed become a topic in Beijing, however, this residential concept can not be regarded as a new concept, because as early as a few years ago, Europe, Austria, Switzerland and other countries, have already begun to modern energy-saving residential buildings. However, from a different angle of view, this design is more like four thousand years before the invention of residential design technology, but is the application of modern architecture in Beijing, Shaanxi Province and Shanxi Province ancestors who lived in the summer and warm winter cool cave is through this design principle is just the middle of a 100-meter water pipes. So I personally MOMA energy-saving design concept called the separate cave ", very vivid.

The thermostat design than the air-conditioned health

MOMA constant temperature, the key reason is that it will be a lot of cooling water through a specially crafted pipes to a depth of 100 meters underground, full and heated underground sand for heat exchange, that is, when the entire planet giant Heat Sink (heat sink), and then and then pump water to the room, it reconcile the appropriate temperature through the floor and ceiling of a large area, so you can make the whole heated indoor. The Generally, meters underground temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius, so underground water, as long as there is enough time to a heat cycle, we can achieve the effect of temperature and will not be hot and cold cool weather influence then how to say, do not need to turn on the air conditioner blowing all day; blowing the air conditioning is not health, bad for the respiratory tract, of course, is power, will be harmful to the atmosphere. So, my home stay in Beijing, even if more than 40 degrees Celsius outside, do not turn on the air conditioner, red foot on the floor, will feel very cool; winter will not feel the cold outside the window is 10 degrees below zero snow capped in the house is not open heating will not tremble (in fact, the room, no air conditioning).

In general, a lot of community residential design, the community gym located in the basement, but in fact the basement of the circulation of air is not easy, exercise, lack of oxygen, but unhealthy. MOMA design air bridge between the two buildings, such as sauna, swimming pool, art galleries, a library, gym, coffee shop, I bought the MOMA two, minimalist style; bought my son is three is a bold, modern style, had he the time of purchase, but also to specify expected to see the floor of the air suspension pool view, "a beauty fish" shuttle pool with views over. As regards the temperature of the water of the swimming pool, and also the use of geothermal principle to maintain the state of the thermostat.

Humidity control is also very environmentally friendly water

Due Beijing Fengshahenda, MOMA windows are closed, but through clean Suitable wet special treatment, all the fresh air of the room are sent from the bottom of the room, and fresh air to the low speed of 0.3m / s, slow slow sent to the room, into the interior, and are transferred to 20 ° C temperature due to the low temperature of the incoming fresh air into the fresh air on the sink at the bottom, slowly, people living in the house because of respiratory activity, such as temperature, would make the whole temperature gradually rises. Reconcile a hot air rises to the roof outlet away, while retaining a suitable temperature and humidity.

In addition the the MOMA water is also very environmentally friendly. Water divided into Sheung Shui (wash cooking), water (that is, Sheung Shui, used to flush the toilet, landscaped pool), water (that is, used water).

Feel like this kind of living in the forest, summer does not need hair, body home which is very cool and do not need to wrap jacket; winter without heating very comfortable. Each month, we save more than half of electricity, about generally less than 1/3 of the households earn health and wellness. In our Beijing home, the design of technology is like a God to change the climate and ecology.