Do you want to be a pioneer or follower

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Personal finance magazine Kiplinger recent article mentioned the famous female farmers know how to cultivate high-quality eggs, the use of open sheds, opened his own chicken farm; successful business a few years later to $ 5,000,000 sell chicken farm.

"Open farms is not a new idea, but I was the first complete implementation of people." She said, just started a chicken farm by women farmers in collaboration with his father and brother. Later farms countless losses, father and brother have to give up, only she persevered. Later, her farms to catch up with the popular market of health and organic food, her farm has been around attention, business is booming, which finally led to the success.

She said that my business is very simple, is to use a new method to produce an old product, the market will something like this to keep up with the trend of the times.

More rush to the higher risk

Most people think their own innovation or entrepreneurial enough to understand the market, in fact, just follow the crowd (Momentum Chase). Internet (Internet) become common fashion, many companies in the business, only the concept of "overnight riches, sparking entrepreneurs to the venture capital industry, investment banking, and the broad masses of people scrambling to invest" com "or broadband service industry. Almost all hold the same beliefs: the future of the Internet can not be ignored, and now we can see that is just the tip of the iceberg., The future is infinite, infinite demand for technology!

History has proved that a few years later, the words "the future of the Internet can not be ignored," is correct, but the other part confirmed that most of them just follow the crowd of all.

Each industry has its "rush" phenomenon. A few years ago, America's popular Portuguese egg tarts, we all long queues to buy, now seems to have little interest? Technology and manufacturing industries, so, too? The mountains provision of the start of the sea (First Mover) today only enjoy the advantage for about six months, after an avalanche of followers (followers) will be the market to mature quickly, everyone profits relatively lower business are difficult .

Exceptions to the follow fashion drift

Experience from the IT industry is concerned, the market does not seem to be with their core competencies to create add different value, for example, the following three scenarios: First, product specifications must be in accordance with, or in line with the world, or regional standards (Standard). Of any a Kimisada the standard, not suddenly, but after years of many corporate alliances discussion. Everyone discussion come standard in itself is already a fashion trendy promoters hope that each company's product looks similar to Universal. You are not forced to chase fashion, can not be separated? How to use their core competencies to create standard products to increase value?

You have to evaluate, I also added a little value addition to standard? Just Me Too? Fight marketing? Engage in packaging? Get a gimmick? You still have a way to distinguish in the pursuit of fashion.

Second, the product specifications section in accordance with recognized standards, but additional own original. In addition to the closed or the so-called "end-to-end system of the End-to-End", a little of what technology products are completely outside the "standard" outside. However, there are success stories, standards-based, they provide a more hand-standard competitors lack, on the one hand, to join or integrate. Such as rechargeable batteries all the specifications about the same, but some manufacturers made more safe, more wisdom, increase the number of anti-overheating, leak-proof electrical safety facilities. This increase is in addition to the basic fashion value.

Third, the origin of the product is to see others hit the jackpot, they think they can do. This is the standard drift. But if have enough power and cost control, there may be a winner. Like Europe and the United States of CDR / DVD MediaTek defeated state-of-the-art, after the Sunplus locking MediaTek price war broke. This business model is appropriate, really look at the core of every company. Similarly, the future will the mainland manufacturers lock MediaTek or Sunplus catch up.

Marketing can be quite complex and can also be very simple

The market to acquire no more than via the "innovation", "replace" or expand "the most important thing is that your own sense of worth Positioning (Positioning).

If your home between booming for beef noodle shop opposite, more customers line up the street. You see every day and envy and jealousy, he wanted to I open a. You have at least three positioning itself:

Replace (Replace) existing market owners. There are many ways to replace your home opposite the beef noodle shop with the same beef noodle soup, but in the end you have to these customers as "delicious" or "delicious" value. the iPod combination iTune set before the MP3 market system in some respects, replacing the pioneers dispersed content and services, that is to replace the original market owners.

Innovation (Innovate) points out new products to market. He was selling beef noodles, maybe you can be innovative flavors or new gimmick to diversify his existing market with their products. But "innovation" is not necessarily bound to be a good thing, this is an extremely important key, no matter how "innovation", it must be hit in line with of these diners connoisseurs taste food. Before more than a dozen well-known Internet search engine Google, but Google high efficiency and easy to use for people new eyes and ears, a few years to eat someone else's market.

Third, to expand the (Expand) original market. Obviously beef noodle shop in this street every day about 200 bowls of the amount of middle-aged, perhaps you can determine their location or food or chain expansion, the market expanded into every middle-aged 500 bowl amount. With Sony (Sony) will be converted into the cassette player is Walkman, thus expanding the market, with the same purpose. iPhone launch on the market and more smart phones, but Apple introduced the iPhone, full of bright moment to redefine the market, but also greatly expanded.