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Longevity light bulb 107 years

How long the life of the light bulb? A little bit in California Lifomoer fire brigade Branch 6 bulbs for senior citizens have been 107 years old, because of moving to turn off 22 minutes, the rest of the time, but no minute dark over!

This lamp is sparking a spirit of brotherhood symbol, the fire brigade is ready to protect the Fengyun 4 watts bulb circuit surge protection device, diesel backup generators with spare battery pack.

Fengyun snow Electric Company production of light bulbs, can not so exclusive benefits: it was first installed in the 1901 fire engine on standby garage lighting to call 24 hours attendance players, but the returning veterans of World War II and the Korean War, the old Love in attendance before the "bar" it and good luck, and after the Vietnam War players use it as an indoor basketball target.

Until 1972, a reporter track record, interviews with some of the old players, was surprised to find this "is back in light bulbs" 71-year-old. Since then, no one would have dared to play it. Up to now, a team joked, not to mention help bulb dust, "Who would dare to touch it, your fingers will be chopped off!"

The past few decades every day look at the the Fengyun bulb Bu Meier said there is a lot of speculation, a lot of people to its longevity, because it never switch, so the filament long life; But his idea is, the lamp housing completely sealed to prevent air from entering the filament to no damage to the light in a vacuum condition 1 million years.

Mainland women dream of the Sleeping God "30 days

The Hunan Province, a woman, sleep actually sleep on the past 30 days, became a local "god of sleep".

Sleeping God "said the woman, surnamed Li, said her husband, Mr. Deng, wife occasionally wake up during sleep, it is necessary to grasp the time to eat and excretion, but her eyes showing an empty state, only sleep 20 After 30 days, the entire personnel will be completely awake, back to normal.

It is understood that the woman surnamed Li, since 2001 contracted drowsiness abnormal, every month will the incidence of time, the hospital can not check what is wrong in the end.

Department of Neurology, experts believe that the cause of narcolepsy or intermittent schizophrenia.

The gold prices lady I want to sell 40 annuity teeth

An old lady in the price of gold soared, trying to sell her treasured for many years gold teeth for cash.

63-year-old woman 40 years ago inlaid gold teeth. Removed 40 years ago, a collection of gold teeth. The latest price of gold hit record highs, the old lady thought that a few gold teeth in a bank safety deposit box.

However, the dentist advised her not going to make a fortune by a few gold teeth. The dentist said that gold teeth are made in 16K gold. Gold per tooth only about money, and sell full mouth of gold teeth mothers.

The fat police weight loss 33 kg

The National Police Agency launched a weight loss program, more than 30,000 police officers in the three months to lose 40,005 more than 1000 kg, equivalent to the weight of 30 cars! Changhua County Constable Chun-Liang Chou, son questioned too fat he can not catch the thief, faced up to a year of successful weight loss of 33 kg. Director Hou Yu-i, presented awards to encourage everyone to redouble their efforts, this performance forget the application, they might really be able to board the next Guinness Book of World Records.

Changhua Branch Police Chun-Liang Chou, colleagues say "pig" of God, every time handling the case Laughter is the animal wonders, when he weighed 117 kg. Chun-Liang Chou said: "once holding the picture of the rescue of the child to the hospital photographed by the media, he looked surprised; son's diary says" Daddy how not to work, is to sleep, "" he was injured, so he made up determination to rely on to eat less and exercise more than a year to get rid of 33 kg.

Killed in Mumbai by train 10 people a day

Indian society activists today pointed out that the population of 1,800 million, the largest city in Mumbai, train commute each day more than 600 million people, causing the train overcrowding and hung a bunch of people, not only the car door, roof sitting over the past five years, fell from the train and hit the high-voltage beams number of people killed, more than 20,000 people per day at least 10 people died.

Indian television reported, in Mumbai suburban train station, someone slipped and fall from the platform or on the train was the train rolling scene is "commonplace". Reported that the Ministry of Railways officials blame the travelers careless and non-compliance with safety rules, passengers complained that the authorities are not entirely remedial duties; reports recommended that the railway authorities should be more along with unattended crossings and bridges.

Over the past two years, the authorities in certain areas the construction of bridges or underpasses, but rarely see someone, more people would rather take the risk directly across the railroad tracks. Social movements Shike Taree, the nature of the Indians seem to prefer to break the rules.

Young men and women 24% not married

According to the America Society for Reproductive Medicine commissioned survey found that men and women of childbearing age, not the marriage will be increased from 16% in previous years to 24%, not the popularity of marriage and late marriage, but 4% of people mistakenly think that "50 years of age fertility abilities to be decreased. " Society for Reproductive Medicine reminded, over 35 years of age, fertility began to decline, late marriage may lead to infertility.

The Japan sold hood identification wrinkles accuracy 90%

Japan cigarette vending machine detects customer wrinkles in the face shortly after to confirm whether the customer adult.

The laws of Japan over the age of 20 to smoke. According to the new provisions of the road in July of this year, Japan's 570,000 cigarette vending machines must make sure that the buyer is not a minor. To this end, Japan's Fuji high developed a system of age identification from facial features.

This system accuracy up to 90%, and the remaining 10% is a "gray area", say the wrinkles minors, or baby-faced adults. The consumers will be asked to insert the driver's license identification age.

Poor liver function last year, 30,000 bags of blood donation void

The people of America do not have good intentions "liver" This is reflected in the statistics of blood donation test failure rate, blood Foundation found that 96 people donated blood, but can not be used to save lives, first liver function index is high, poor liver function. Advised to maintain a healthy blood donation before, less smoke less alcohol and less late at night.

Last year, the people donated a total of more than 180 million bags of blood, blood Foundation Health initially through inspection of and found that about 30 000 2,348 bags of blood unqualified, it can not be used to save lives, the ratio accounted for 1.8%; noteworthy The failure of the blood bags, Chengdu because of poor liver function blood donors.