Interesting world numbers

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Moscow 310 yuan a cup of coffee

According to a U.S. survey of consultants, including service charges, including a cup of coffee in Moscow on average, $ 10.19 (NT $ 310 million). An average of $ 6.77 a cup of coffee in Paris, the second most expensive in the world; third, Athens, $ 6.62 a cup. Today's economic growth rate around the world speechless China, Beijing, the capital of the price of coffee to make one-third of an average of $ 6.28 a cup (NT $ 191 million), ranked fourth. Tokyo, Japan, by an average of $ 5.04 a cup.

Alzheimer's drugs improve degradation

British scientists have been developed to help prevent the disease progression of Alzheimer's disease drug "Rember", said more than twice the efficacy of the current treatment of Alzheimer's disease drug. Medical imaging data also showed that the efficacy of new drugs on the brain area responsible for memory play. This medicine is last clinical trial is expected to commence next year and, if successful, may be listed in 2012. UK University of Aberdeen, led the study said Claude ? Professor Wei Xuke, results of clinical trials, to accept the "Rember" treated patients and non-patients using this drug, the former mental deterioration slowed down 81% .

Olympic dish cook for 30 pairs of gloves

The just-concluded Beijing Olympics, five-star hotels have been offering good food. A hotel "salted pickled vegetables cod", the whole dish looks like an ink landscape painting, and created a Tang Dynasty poet Liu Changqing "Higurashi Cangshan far, the poor," the mood of the profile for the White House.

Hotel almost demanding hygiene requirements, such as a chef dish want to change 2,30 gloves, wash your hands must rely on six programs.

Personal aircraft $ 3.04 million

New Zealand 48-year-old inventor Martin Experimental Aircraft Association Air Show in the United States launched a claim to be the "world's first practical personal aircraft market next year, each with a price of $ 100,000 (about 304 million Taiwan dollars ). This aircraft is about 1.5 meters high, weighs 112.5 kg, 3 bracket to support docked by rotary-wing mounted on the two shape looks like a cup of cylindrical tank, by the 200-horsepower gasoline engine piston-driven rotor thrust use like a backpack back behind the operator, taking off and landing through the joystick control and direction of flight 30 minutes.

India R & D $ 10 computer

India has a population of over 11 million, with a per capita annual income of only 800 million U.S. dollars, the general public is quite sensitive to the price of high-end products, and hope that the "cheap and cheerful", the Government of India is developing the price is only 400 rupees (about 9.5 U.S. dollars) for students with mobile computer, computerized implementation of education goals.

Once successfully developed, will be the cheapest in the world of computers, and 10 times cheaper than the international field being developed hundred dollar computer.