Tea marketing using banner stand with celebrity

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Advertising the film, but good enough to let Hong Kong Film Award winner Anthony Wong shock, and even shed tears Hero; let the music producer the Mr Wong Paizhuo marvel, moved to say: how to mix called "tea ah" Wei Chuan gem the good tea exaggerated use of banner stand and advertising techniques to create never believed in contrast to believe, is to highlight the status of high-priced gem Haocha.

In recent years, food maker Wei Chuan actively block of high-priced, high-quality cut into the beverage market, for example: proclaiming "of concentrated pure incense" the Lin Feng camp milk, stressed that "the best drink" Bernachon coffee, there are 100 % juice market share of over 60% of the daily C, except tea beverage has been the Wei Chuan involvement less product line in order to make up for the lack of this part of the the gem Haocha in 2006 was born.
Mining requirements of quality office workers

The main office groups bottled tea, unified "tea king" and VITALON "Royal Tea Garden" to enter the market earlier, has been a rival of the situation, market share Separated 1,2. As a newcomer brand, a gem of good tea is how to break through it?

Interesting world numbers

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Moscow 310 yuan a cup of coffee

According to a U.S. survey of consultants, including service charges, including a cup of coffee in Moscow on average, $ 10.19 (NT $ 310 million). An average of $ 6.77 a cup of coffee in Paris, the second most expensive in the world; third, Athens, $ 6.62 a cup. Today's economic growth rate around the world speechless China, Beijing, the capital of the price of coffee to make one-third of an average of $ 6.28 a cup (NT $ 191 million), ranked fourth. Tokyo, Japan, by an average of $ 5.04 a cup.

It is time to register for an EU patent

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After nearly 30 years of integration, the EU has gradually developed into a single mature field scale than the United States, Americaese export one of the most important market. Tech companies as a secret weapon technology and product patent regulations, and related rights and obligations, regardless of the CEO, head of research and development, legal director, in charge of investment, these are to enter the European market entry compulsory credits.

24IP Law Group, Germany, co-founder the people Robert Harrison, itself has a Ph.D. in physics and JD, in the high-tech industry for many years engaged in technology in recent years, patent law and Works. In 1994, he was the IBM software products to Gao Ying European Patent Office, the products valued at over one million euros to obtain patent protection; Gore-tex Gao Ying in 1997 in the European imports of counterfeit goods manufacturers in China, does not cause More than NT $ 50 million in losses. The Articles Interview with Robert Harrison, his analysis of Europe's high-tech industry trends, America's global industrial layout, as well as Americaese manufacturers to enter the EU market, focus on key industries.