Kids are smart seller

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Whether you have as a parent or other relatives of the child at home between adults and children, is always a day to eat, sleep, reading, watching TV, playing video games, it should not be difficult to find the same repeated staged battle .

If adults children as consumers, and you want these disobedient child consumer products is to accept your "concept," or "expect", then you should be in what ways these target consumer marketing your products? How would you wrap your concept? How would you promote your expectations?

When I was a child, I always felt that parents really do not know me, always give me some things I do not like to get used to it though a long time, always strike a balance between rebellion and filial point, but since my own as a father, really deeply appreciate the fact, is an obedient harder than consumers learned to be obedient child.

Especially for my 1-year-old baby, just hope she can come to sleep or quiet and fast dinner after eating his wife has made me a major headache.

Children than it more difficult for consumers to settle

A lot of friends of friends and family experience that children from small to big until parents never perceived that date, there will always be a variety of their own ideas, when our parents, but always hope that their children can be a little more obedient.

This situation ever more like selling products manufacturers always want to be obedient consumers, manufacturers most want to see is that consumers see the vendor's products promotional material or advertising, is already scheduled path hope that you consume, purchase price on the label.

If you ask my children with the consumer that is more difficult to settle? My answer should be the same with most parents believe that the child is more difficult, because children can not only disobedient and even vexatious, so I think if you can learn to settle unreasonable child of your own home, then your ability to convince consumers be great progress fishes. The ancients said, "self-cultivation, regulating the family, ruling the state and peace to the world", it is apparent there is really justified.

Very few children are rational

If consumers can be classified as rational and irrational, that child, of course, can also be divided into two kinds of understand human speech and can not communicate. In general, those not use language to express ideas, but has already begun to express their views with high-decibel crying or annoying shamelessly behavior can be classified as unable to communicate "irrational" child, and has words contradict or explain their misconduct can be classified as "rational" kids listen to understand words.

My daughter is this is irrational ethnic groups, and my vendors work smoothly and writing a quick mood is good, I may be lying on the floor with her climb or holding her to play airplane games, wait until she play tired, she will naturally come to sleep, although at that time I have been exhausted, but at least the satisfaction of the consumer reaction appears to be good.

But when I feel bad or lack of money, if the home encounter is crying and does not listen to anyone, sometimes there will inevitably be shouted her, and even kick-ass her, but like a typical home the situation, the ensuing results will never be silent ending, but in exchange for a longer period of confrontation with higher decibel noise.

The myth of genetic

It has been observed that "the market" child almost always increase with age and life experience, more and more their own ideas, at the same time there will be more parents look forward to, for example, you will begin to hope that he will make good reading, would want him to be a polite child, or even want him to be a group of physical and moral and aesthetic development of the model student, but even if you own once his awards child, your child will not necessarily be genetic you all the good genes, not to mention you can also tell me the same do not educate their children, in this situation blame the kids do not listen or scold the child stupid, it would be like you blame the employees in the company or complain that the consumer product marketing do not want to buy your company's products, their criticisms you did not change something, but may also be consumers complained that the product is poor do not know the review.

I graduated from National America University Department of Business Administration, often parents mistakenly thought that I was reading, so there will always be relatives and friends and even came to ask me exactly how to make children love to love reading? Although my own play from the heart, not in favor of children being forced to read textbooks, but looking at the parents of children ardent expectations, I'd have some recommendations for marketing as a parent to see the reference, because I recently found more and more culture children and training many of the same concepts.

In-depth understanding of consumer needs

If you agree to put this thing to teach children as an act of marketing your ideas, first you must go for a product marketing you will remember things, and that is to go in-depth understanding of consumer needs. Many parents probably do not take a look at a child's textbooks every day only to see the contact book with transcripts of these two information, and this just look at the "report" to determine the performance, in fact, just to satisfy your desire for management do not comply with the principle of successful product marketing, I recommend that you first "market research", first try to understand your child exactly what kind of learning needs.

For example, if the child has recently read about the history of the Yuan Dynasty, perhaps you can use a "Genghis Khan" DVD as a "promotion" means to enable children to take advantage of watching movies to learn, that is, we often say "interactive marketing" or " audio and video marketing ", and when the natural sciences in the study of the structure of the solar system, instead of asking him to memorize the order of the nine planets, and perhaps could be considered the" path "for the Observatory visit, these are in fact the" experiential marketing "approach .

The saying goes, "read a lot better than reading ten thousand books" with respect to the behavior of your weekend to send their children to cram, I think some outdoor field teaching arrangements may also have more effect. So next time do not ask others how to make children love reading, because reading is not the only pipeline to absorb knowledge, or yourself why so love the Internet and watching TV? Moreover, if you really put the children's math books to take a look at, are you sure you really each question will count?

Only parents do not teach

There are movie "I Not Stupid" sentence, thought-provoking dialogue is "nothing is to teach children not only do not teach parents. Children will grow up, thinking, rebellious, these behaviors with consumer behavior is very much like. Child will always be their own, but a small number of consumers coming and going but 5 billion around the world, maybe we can really learn a lot of product marketing in the interaction with the children should have the attitude, because nothing is sell products, only manufacturers will not sell.