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America in the past three years, the average the per thousand corporate R & D human created monopolies in the world ranking is not the first, is the second. This proud achievement, but also to many of the world's research institutions that: America's future ability to innovate should not be overlooked, with upward growth imagination.

"American is very smart, is often a frequent visitor to the International Exhibition of Inventions." Before a gold medal at the Geneva Invention Award and is currently working CHEN Yu Gang, director of the Center of the Far East University of Science and Technology innovation, the largest international Exhibition of Inventions in Nuremberg, Germany, in Geneva, Switzerland, the United States Pittsburgh invention exhibition show floor, every year common inventor from America contestants showcase their new inventions this year.

The campus bears patent and technology

Chen Yu Gang explained that the Geneva Invention Exhibition, five years ago almost took off group championship, because in recent years, our government is no longer fully subsidized grants only part of the amount of air tickets, affect the will of the inventor to international competition , but it did not affect them to continue to engage in the heat of the inventions.

America's shares abundant output of the patent and the invention, not only is business or personal, even in the campus of the University of laboratory began surging budding new technology.

Campus, not only gave birth to the cradle of talent, it is the incubator of new technologies and business models. According to statistics of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office, the legal patent invention certification, the performance of each university a place (Table 1, Table 2), which are mostly from the contribution of teachers with advanced degrees students in universities, which not only for many industry-university cooperation possible, so that companies are willing to cooperate closely with universities; universities developed enterprise-phase technology transfer rights acquired gold, ranging from a million to more than a billion dollars, but also each University seeks to one of the sources of capital income.

Interestingly, this Ranking Statistics found that, although the northern universities generally have more resources, but there are a high proportion of the patented invention from the University of south-central. Incubation Center Huangzhi Yan, director of Feng Chia University, said the fact that a lot of people find entrepreneurial opportunities for students in the middle from the patent, due to the central part of the conditions of employment than the north, and the living conditions better than the south, so many students consider the employment opportunity and treatment not ideal, perhaps entrepreneurship is a good chance.

"There is an important reason, and that is" young hero "entrepreneurial story, motivated students who want to start, the rise of" honor can also be "mood" Huangzhi Yan said.

The center of Hua Yucheng Association Incubation Center for Qiushao Cheng, director of Da-Yeh University, led an important thrust of campus entrepreneurship, that is, nine years ago, founded by the chairman of the Hope Advantech Advantech Cultural and Educational Foundation was founded TIC100 innovation competition that attracted many team of students from studying technology to the patent-pending process to identify the business model to start a business, and to stand for election, like Polytechnic talent, Business Studies "Avenue of Stars" talent competition.

Patent certificate and Prizes better than academic certificates

In 1999, TIC100 Innovation Competition is an entrepreneurial learning as the core concept of learning contest. Advantech technology companies, and encourage students to campus entrepreneurship, so this the entrepreneurship competition but incentive Institute of Technology students of the technical team, management team and students of the College of Commerce and Management, cooperate with each other to set up a new venture team, and by the multi-domain consultants and experts, and school guidance industry division, showing a so-called "cross-department, cross-school, cross-industry" innovation and cooperation platform. In addition, the Industrial Bank of America Entrepreneurship Competition (Wewin), also many students eager to venture game.

Wyatt away in April of this year, has just won the Industrial Bank of Entrepreneurship Competition Network Innovation Award "at National Chengchi University Branch pipe the team, is based on NFC multimedia digital content download platform for additional awards in the competition for the first time. Wyatt away instructor, National Chengchi University, director of the Institute of Technology Management, Graduate, these students prior to participation on the first acquisition of a patent, and "music" as the field of application to thoughts. From the operating plan, patented throughout this process, to participate in the competition, they stay up late almost every day, this year's Lunar New Year off on New Year's Eve to the first two days, National Chengchi University of Technology Management Master life, as well as Yue Yao International CEO Huang Zheng Yao said them so to do is to "Do Something" (make a difference). When they visited the CEO of KKBox, patented technology can be used Wyatt away KKBox told that they have decided to cooperate and mobile phone companies, they will not consider other vehicles when their hearts can imagine the disappointment.

Perhaps, for entrepreneurial and students, the growth is probably not comprehend from a vigorous feelings, but a painstaking operation plan, is favored by the market. This increasingly thriving campus entrepreneurial ethos has also become a new generation of college students, graduate students and doctoral own scholastic ability, not just a diploma qualifications to the outside world.

Netcom, environmental protection, energy saving is an unstoppable trend

Rely on new technology patents and entrepreneurship, it is important to seize the trend of the world, in order to quickly obtain the Award and the eyes of the world to catch the fast shuttle service is available to the market. Industrial Bank of America cum Industrial Bank of America Education Foundation chairman Kenneth CM Lo also said that this session WeWin in the application of the competition, "energy", "Netcom" and "green", recipient was extremely enthusiastic. From the European Union's RoHS environmental policy in recent years, Gore to run around in recent years, speech, environmental protection and energy conservation become the school of With patented technology entrepreneurship in power. Many large companies committed to environmental protection and energy-saving investment, in addition to the factors of policy and reduce the cost of world trends is a very important reason.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore respondents to accept the British "Sun" a few days ago, said in earnest, since "An Inconvenient Truth" was released two years ago, the state of global warming has not improved, he reminded: Arctic ice Because Earth severe warming, scientists say we are left to deal with the problem of rising sea levels in 10 years, part of the Arctic ice will disappear in 5 years.

The revelation of the intelligent power-saving device with gold

Some chose to face the truth, and made the greatest efforts in their field. Far East University of Science and Technology Creativity Center Director Chen Kong, to participate in the 36th Geneva, Switzerland International Exhibition of Inventions in recent days, took off his gold medal in the "smart power-saving devices", meet the energy issue, remove one of the 15 gold medals is the representative of America.

Chan Yuk Kong, the invention of the prototype of the product are derived from the observation of his personal life, to find solutions. In the situation of the average person using the computer, a worker in addition to the use of computers, also driving a printer, scanner, fax machine, at home or even driving a fan or air conditioning, stereo, Table Lamps, but we work not continue to use these appliances, perhaps even a trifle interrupt our hurry to do it or do not know when the end of reason, we often let these appliances in the "ON" state, wasted a lot of unnecessary power electricity bills.

For example, we may just go to the living room to answer the phone for half an hour; pour see the TV broadcast the breaking news would unconsciously wasted power, however, the power sensing capabilities power-saving device, providing the outlet for a variety of electrical, supplemented by infrared or ultrasonic sensor environmental factors, and send a signal to control current on or off, the purpose of power saving.

In addition, the design and can be wired or wireless sensing external signals, for example, if you leave someone into your work area, it will touch the buzzer, to let you know someone broke into. Power off delay time can be adjusted, set to Do not turn off the computer or one of the appliances can also be set to meet the needs of different users.

"In fact, this smart extension cord technical threshold is not very high," Chen Gang said, he believes that the reason for the award-winning caught the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, and can be generally applied to life, easy to achieve energy saving function . Yuk Kong winning return to America did not take long, some manufacturers have contacted Chan Yuk Kong, to discuss the possibility of cooperation.

Chan Yuk Kong case is subject to the attention of the industry, may be ready to create new business opportunities. There are some invention of new technologies has enormous opportunities for manufacturers hundreds of millions under the premise of negotiations, such as the Far East Sustainable Materials Technology Research Centre of the University of Science and Technology Chenjia Xun, and team use the recycling circuit board technology, the separation of metal and plastic materials, these plastic materials processing, resulting in a light wood furniture materials.

Recovery circuit board to create furniture new material

Understood that the present invention is recycling waste printed circuit board, exploded professional produce whether it is in the feel or appearance, are very similar to wood of a composite material; addition, it can also be like wood can nail or planing, not only from insects and decay, and even the price is cheaper than the average timber 2-5 percent.

Not only the utilization of waste, but also cut down a few trees less, has advantages for environmental protection and cost control. Just last year, the famous Chinese industry specially visited by the opportunities for cooperation, hoping to six months to achieve a certain degree of production capacity, and is willing to provide a billion dollars of technology transfer; order to be able to quickly upgrade the capacity plan, the center is improving related technical performance, as far as possible the application of this technology to the market.

Forward-looking Chennai micron system used in solar

In addition, inter-institution cooperation has also become a campus entrepreneurial team combination. National Chiao Tung University Institute of Technology Management worked with the National Chung Hsing University, MEMS Laboratory, Nano Lab "cactus Preview Chennai micron system R & D services company, these degrees students to use MEMS based technology to continue to create a new licensing the technology to the use of the outside world, on the other hand also accept commissioned research as a source of profit. Clients include government projects, academic laboratories or vendors in the industry. Developed its own technology, or cooperation with industry, government and academia R & D covers a wide spectrum of technology, by an authorized patented technology upfront premium. Own R & D cooperation in research and development of products, charge customers upfront premium or received in accordance with customer sales license.

Nano Device Technology, thin film piezoelectric ceramic materials technology and MEMS process capability in the field of biomedical, solar and micro-power, the goal is to become the Greater China Chennai micron technology and MEMS technology research and development professional services firms . Cactus CEO Chung Yun Tao said that the current due to the large membership, and as a student can not sprint heart at work, is a major challenge to maintain the company's operations.

Cactus consultant for the traffic discipline pipe, director of Yu Hsiao-cheng, said he believes the cactus team prospects, but also facing the bottleneck of the business of the average student, is whether the sustainable development, with long endurance than gas, will be the key to success .

Technology research and development comes from human nature

How music could have been the go, like iPod + iTunes operating mode, but also how to do it? Digital music in America more than using the KKBox digital music, but listen to music through the computer can not reach the demand of mobile life, and National Chengchi University Branch pipe the five Yue Yao International was founded by students is through the short-range wireless communications technology carried out identity Identification and multimedia data download "to obtain the patent, to solve music music industry digital music portable (to go) problem, the establishment of the NFC multimedia digital platform that allows consumers to meet consumer demand will always be able to obtain legal music (Touch to go). The remote target is based on the convenience of digital content services for the purpose by the real multimedia platform, the NFC communication vehicle three conditions for a convenient UID series cost the company's core technology services, reached anywhere convenient link to a remote target (Auto touch to go).

How active campus entrepreneurship

Yu Hsiao-cheng, director of the traffic discipline tubes, the domestic campus entrepreneurial atmosphere is also very room to grow, from the following reasons. First, the Ministry of Education, Professor upgrade assessment is the main academic report, rather than professors or counseling output of new products and new technologies, Some professors prefer to focus on papers rather than innovation and entrepreneurship, "for industry-university cooperation Man" retreat "," Yu Hsiao-cheng sigh To enhance the competitiveness of the campus, Professor incentives to re-adjust, so as not to contribute more in the paper "(paper) , but the contribution of the new technologies and new business opportunities "; In addition, the school will be able to learn with the students, it is a great encouragement to look even more motivation to learn.