Tips to blogging for a fortune

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Originally just two or three million a month income, not through any kind of art editor, to express their personal feelings and illustrations, including hand-painted MSN emoticons In many cases, people use the swap as a work in Wretch blog Unexpectedly, a gun and red, from October 2003 to set up a blog for domestic cumulative Browse broken million passengers a blog, transformed Blogs diva. Until now, the curved Blogs often the Wretch popularity charts at, curved personal due to be invited to the book, endorsements and other business opportunities, with thousands of yuan worth of seventh grade. The curved wave is the living legend of the bloggers. Bloggers can successfully run their own blog, like her blog, become a cash cow?

Pooling of popularity, and think about the business model

To make your own blog gold, the premise is that a blog must have the personal characteristics of the rich graphics, and the value of the content enough to let users frequently respond, quoted or posted, "Web-based word-of-mouth marketing, pass the value of blog content. This popular cumulative effect like a curved, the daily flow rate of at least create tens of thousands of people, the great gilded potential. Department of Information Management at National America University Professor Wu Lingling said that to become an influential blogs, first, that the extreme popularity of the top three blogs; Second, we must become the high popularity of certain areas of expertise. Is curved is one of the former. Even outsiders as curved at least 10 million yuan worth, she still retain the chief of the web designers seem to suggest: If you want to become stable by Blog and abundant tools to make a living, I am afraid that is not easy; However, if careful management, blogs, and income "in the" sum of the long-term industry, is a subject worthy of serious thought bloggers. The Blogs gilded What?

In fact, in addition to become a popular king, bloggers must be development in certain areas, such as curved is simple and moving strokes design image, to reflect the mood of the story of the white-collar workers; bloggers in food and travel , Fashion, Finance, Movies, and other special areas of long-term work and interact with grid Friends, operating as a high-adhesion network relationships, often by responding to, references, posted, review of interaction mechanisms, and then through the professional mechanisms Certification, certainly the Blogs have the potential to master the key popularity, will help the companies are willing to advertising.

In short, it is necessary to have accumulated popularity, is the product itself is good enough, and grid Friends willing to repeatedly patronize profit model will work. Overall, blog mode of thinking to make money there are several: First, to sell advertising: This is a common practice. Created by the blog is extreme popularity, especially in specific areas of community control, you can attract advertisers to put banner ads on the Internet, or participate in GoogleAdSense plan. Google America General Manager the Zhang Chengxiu said, AdSense can help big business, in fact, also helped a lot of bloggers busy, this mechanism can help individuals Blogs Features favor of advertisers the opportunity to advertise in order to earn income.

Sell blog content: This is a highly controversial practice, one way is product placement. Is enterprise fancy a blogger's influence, providing free product to bloggers, let him in his blog for the endorsement of the product.

"Tribal princess Lord himself to make it clear, the original grid Friends is because the love of his text, photos, ideas, style and other factors, will become a fan of his." Chong said inter-city marketing consultant, CEO Jiang Yiyu, if the grid Friends in unawares, "believe" the main grid recommended certain goods and services, and afterwards slowly discovered that this may be a commercial activity, you will feel cheated, and do not want to believe that this blog will result in Blogs popularity collapsing . For example, if you as a commodities salesman, inform and recommend the product to friends, friends If you do not like this product may not affect the friendship; However, if he did not know your new identity, but often and when you chat "brainwashing" how well it afterwards to know your work to combat this "cheated" friendship deterioration. Therefore, it is very important to make good use of a sense of a virtual world credit.

Jiangyi Yu stressed, "In fact, some minor celebrity bloggers will be enterprises to use, but then I do not know who." Hindsight recall by the manufacturer of the arrangements so that they talk to some of the products pictured afterwards felt as if the commercial operation Lane. This is also the main tribal princess attention.

Some little known tribal princess main consider adopting a "sell" gold-plated own blog, but in order to prevent users suspected of credibility, simply specify directly in the blog: "This section is a vendor hospitality trial results Share . "

Third, sell yourself: This is the highest practice of Blogs gold-plated imagination. Curved to have extreme popularity, she designed many MSN bulk of mood pictures, and funny comic share trivia, and a flood of endorsements, can be said to sell "curved" brand. Tribal princess main out of their own style and professional in the business community, it is the opportunity to become a brand born from the blog.

Other gold-plated possible

This funding policy will of Chunghwa Telecom Xuite Cooperation "bloggers Bai Jie" awards, the top ten travel tribal princess "Siblings" of his business blog for two years, with the grid of the faithful from strangers to the familiar, and because like-minded, has accumulated more than 20 fixed grid Friends Swim, often with photos, climbing.

"Siblings" means that he is the boss of the radio communications shop, blogging is a way to extend the circle of friends, temporarily unwilling to blog toward for-profit operation. But it is worth mentioning that the "Siblings" sophisticated photographic equipment, show self-timer scenery on this blog very moving, causing the grid Friends love to travel and photography lively discussion, including photographic equipment and use skills, and often even exchange photographic equipment purchase and maintenance experience.

The Hua Wuque smiled and said, "If one day, my high popularity to attract the attention of the camera manufacturers sponsored tourism theme camera, then the camera cost will be much lower, which I'm looking forward and would like to see. "

Blogs gold-plated, perhaps a short period of time can not become a mainstream advertising media, but it is for the segment of the market and innovative marketing methods, many individual efforts and full of infinite possibilities, have set aside a lot of space to the next blog new winner.