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The birth of the new winner of four Internet companies, they are "the first session of the network of creative show (Ideas Show)" winners: funP, MeWorks, Webi three groups Jury Award, and "Map of Ideas Award Diary. " The birth of the new winner, which represents not only the overall performance of several teams, most in line with the spirit of the Internet and creative show, and they are a new domestic record a microcosm of the Internet company.

Venture capital to see me

Team, including the Grand Jury Prize at the National Chiao Tung University student entrepreneurs to Bookmark started, the launch of the social function funP; another group founded by National Chiao Tung University students Chen Yanhan network Jiazhan with design MeWorks; another group and based on Flash technology to build large-scale social networking sites Webi. Map diary Ideas awards is combined with map features and social functions of the website, The introduction of the cooperation of the communications giant Nokia's Internet services.

From the Department of Industrial Technology commissioned III will run the new generation of Internet applications Training Program, "Since this year, the program has cultivated a domestic network of more than 20 start-up companies, and 12 to lead the project team to foreign exhibitors, called the pilot program is to promote domestic Web2.0 site business. Map diary at the beginning of this year won the international venture capital Exhibition DEMO Choice Award, not only proved the team outside the international standards, but also encouraged many network operators; many entrepreneurs are thinking: Web2. full of innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities, you must copy the momentum overseas, seeking greater success. This action taken overseas, have the opportunity to attract more venture capital.

DEMO innovative spirit to America, and encourage more Internet startups team to improve the opportunity to interact with the venture capital industry, the Institute for Information Industry in June hosted Ideas Show Internet innovation, provide new record company issued a new site, both site revision, new service was launched in large sites, network-related applications and services. In 29 Internet start-up companies, take turns on stage to just six minutes in both English and presentations, the audience expert consultants, venture capital companies and other strong review lineup ratings. This year, the award-winning companies many of which are quite well known in Internet circles, for example, early this year, "DEMO exhibitors Map diary again in Ideas Show, exhibitors DEMO another team Citiport of the founder Chen Yanhan founded the Internet "MeWorks also Ideas Show won the Jury Award.

"Map diary strong team targeting mobile services

The establishment of more than one year the "Map diary", with Nokia phones with the introduction of new mobile services, public appearance in this Ideas Show; addition, the company in the fourth quarter of this year, China launched a new Internet service, and began Expand the capital increase plan and angel investors. Lee Jin Zhang said, as "angel investors" Map diary, the "Map diary" founding team is very good composition, the Kwok brothers with marketing and technology background, and map concept and the business community with the business model is also useful innovation, is the reason why he decided to invest.

"MeWorks" to see the needs of SMEs

Lin Fu-yuan, chairman of the board of the American Multicultural venture capital, said that almost all good business model are based on two simple principles, that is, for the critical needs of consumers to "to resolve pain (pain)" and "bring pleasure (pleasure)" two section. MeWorks saw the suffering of many small and medium enterprises set up a website, the pain from the erection of the cost pressures and subsequent management of payment, then launched DIY design platform, even to many designers the opportunity to take the case, so that the user can a cost of less than two percent of the market to get better network services.

Also make good use of a number of technical "MeWorks in the visual design to meet customer expectations of the site, and it has to make achievements in the America market, very competitive." DEMO Executive Director, said Chris Shipley.

funP team solid technology and diversified

Is no stranger to funP for many users, and last year, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in cooperation with the Institute for Information Industry of Web 2.0 business counseling project which is a key development areas of the site.

Development of this point, funP is not simply the Internet bookmarking sites, and develop into the recommended Internet text smart Subscribe mechanism introduced in this Ideas Show social features and eye-catching. Love apartment, deputy executive director Chih-Ming Lin served as one of the judges said, "funP this time I served as the most impressive team in the Ideas Show review, quite optimistic about its future long-term development."

Webi specializes in technical depth user experience

The Webi domestic Flash RIA platform, is to provide community to share the concept of text and photo albums; and get rid of links to html and platforms, services, and platforms, Flash technology to make the web design impressive array . The Webi founder and chief executive, said Lin tone, her inconvenient to use because the browser before starting the idea of ??founding Webi, get rid of the concept of using a desktop operating system is the development of a new sharing interface, so that the entire page is activated together. Chris Shipley pointed out, WEBi visually very lively and moving, so that the whole community platform full of tension.

These networks a new winner winning Where? Award on behalf of priority access to venture capital silver bullet? Certainly, representative of the overall performance of the team winning in the market with innovation and competitiveness, it is after all a pass to go to the market, is not absolute profit guarantee card. This is like Chris Shipley said: "In fact, the least important thing in the game is to pick a champion." She Winners Best wishes, is not forgetting from all the way to entrepreneurship certainty and uncertainty, always search for consumer 's voice: Yes, this is what I want Internet service!