New wave of the online world

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All forecasts have a tendency: the short-term forecasts tend to be overly optimistic forecast incident often premature, too amplification significant event; However, for long-term forecasts but conservative, so difficult to grasp in the distant future, predict events Buzhi Yu so fast, or underestimate the long-term effects.

Well-known Internet blog site "Read / Write Web" Main to Richard MacManus overview network technology development, "Ten Internet trend" was published in September 2007. From these trends, some momentum comes and fierce, and some rely on a variety of conditions are ripe to pinpointing; always stand on this side, digital pride of the Internet wave will provide endless kinetic energy. Under the crest of the waves lapping the shore, lurks an Allied Mo Imperial undercurrent of human values, social structure, interpersonal relationships, and even civilization development, resulting in the long-term impact.

Virtual no less real: the United States recently did a survey and found that many young people believe that the experience in the virtual world of the Internet with their lives in the real world is as important as the life of this reality and virtual intertwined, what is the real ? What is unreal? The reality of life is it? Plato proposed as early as 2500 years ago people perception of the world, but like Qiu Ju see the map on the wall of light and shadow in the cave of human generation we live in the real world, how can arbitrary determine the digital generation experience in the virtual world is not real? Or easily the thesis may be more important?

If "I think therefore I am" to prove my existence, the trajectory of the mouse click (clicking) probably can be used to describe the presence of a person, every click, reflect a state of mind affects. If someone allows you to click sequence was recorded, this record is not only a description of the individual to construct this exists on the network two places at once, it can be used to help the deity collect information processing mail, and even make friends on the Internet ?

Say another situation, if person A and person B are very familiar with, it can be fake and person B on the network and the real ones (such as the recently famous blog "The Secret Diary of Steve Job"). The future of the online world is really a false-generation, as real easy to fake, fake, really can not tell half-truths.

Second, the privacy and security: network provides a high degree of personal privacy, do not have to start from the handshake interacting with strangers; On the other hand, any click, Internet turn another person's past and present tremendous amount left to show hundreds of millions of in front of people. In real life, there is a considerable degree of autonomy in their own privacy on the Internet, the closeness there is not much hierarchy, plus location identification, digital photos were common and ubiquitous video surveillance, more and more people's privacy difficult to maintain this difficult youth of this generation of "digital generation" full body recognized to the Internet for them this is an expression of the stage, the maintenance of privacy and performance trade-offs between self, two generations there is a great divide .

Completely transparent to the world, although there is no privacy, in the end is still a safe world. Privacy, however, is whether it is a basic human right, the individual may voluntarily waive the law must be specifically guaranteed, so the prey increasing exposure in a bright place, hunters are more hiding in the dark after the network, the balance between privacy and security What must be the future of the Internet economy and the law must deal with the topic.

Distance relationship: In the era of Internet, the space under virtual compression to zero, the information rapidly to the physical space is no longer a limiting conditions, however, due to the virtual space derivative into another dimension (dimension), the physical space is not qualitative tone of human relationships.

In the era of television, parenting time is often occupy the TV, but whatever the outcome, know each other to see what programs under one roof. In the Internet era, under the same roof, the father with BlackBerry back to e-mail, mother read the news on the Internet side of the children do their homework on the computer, while chatting on the Internet, or indulge in the video game, each with its own sustenance, different worlds; and then a short distance, it would not be able to bring more understanding. When the digital generation to spend more time in the virtual space, the increasing fragility of family and interpersonal relationships more challenges.

Thinking and learning: roaming on the network is basically a "direct access" (direct access), the thinking of the brain, such as monkeys jump from the tree to the next tree, difficulty concentrating. A wealth of information on the Internet, it is inevitable compression space for thinking, digital generation reading books neither adapt impatiently, it is no wonder that a recent survey shows that young people in the U.S. weekly time spent on the Internet for up to 26 hours, and spend reading a book is only 49 minutes.

When the Internet is flooded with a variety of information-knowledge, the purpose of the study is bound to two development, the establishment of common sense, develop insight. Common sense from first-hand personal experience or knowledge into life after the formation of intuition; insight for the insights and perspectives of a topic, reflection, summarized Lenovo conscious choice. "Encyclopedic knowledge" neither proud, "into one of the words" to show its valuable.

Industrial Revolution significantly enhance the ability of human beings to use the substance, the information revolution has expanded human capacity to know; however, the ability to know and then developed, after all, can not accurately predict the future, not to mention all the preparatory mobilization of all ourselves for the future; and so that we can how much do they count the number of, and the rest have to wait until the next imminent, adaptable adopted piecemeal measures!